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This text was published first on 20 October, 2022. It can therefore contain information or views that is inaccurate. It is online for archival purposes.

Report from the Board 25 August 2022

The chairman welcomed everyone back from the summer holidays. 

Claes-Göran began the meeting with a theological reflection where he talked about the events during the summer, including the staff days and the church conference in Vårgårda. He handed out “Färdplan” (Roadmap), a document that the church leaders have produced since the last church conference. Claes-Göran suggested that this document can guide the board during the autumn.

You can read “Färdplan” here:

The chairman gave a general account of the situation regarding the recruitment of the Senior Pastor without mentioning the name or number of applicants for the position. The chairman further explained the situation in the international fellowship group, partly with the staff group, partly in the volunteer group, but also touched on some other recruitments and employments that are underway to fill current vacancies. The board also reminded itself of how motions and matters from the 2021 annual meeting are handled.

Then followed a string of different reports from the Chief of Administration about some changes in the staff and the sale of one of the congregation’s condominiums in June 2022. A particularly extensive report point was about the current financial situation in view of the increased inflation. The board was able to ascertain that the congregation’s financial situation through Probita’s relatively low loan-to-value ratio is long-term stable and that the congregation can feel secure with the church’s material assets. Independently of that report, a review of the ownership directive for Probitas will be drawn up by the board.

Furthermore, a project group for the church’s 50th anniversary has been appointed, the congregational meeting on 25 September was planned and the board also appointed a group to meet the environmental and justice group around the Green Church on how the work can be further developed.

The meeting ended with a prayer.