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This text was published first on 25 October, 2022. It can therefore contain information or views that is inaccurate. It is online for archival purposes.

Report from the Board 22 September 2022

The meeting began with a prayer by the chairman of the board, who then greeted Probitas’ CEO Samuel Borg with a special welcome. Samuel then explained that we seem to be heading for a recession with regards to Probitas group’s finances. Samuel was open to the fact  that we are heading for tougher times. It is positive that Probitas has a low level of indebtedness in relation to the company’s value and that the premises rents are inflation-protected. It creates favorable conditions that help to cope with more difficult economic times. Samuel clarified that Probita’s distribution to the congregation will not be affected.

The work surrounding the recruitment of a new Senior Pastor has been intensified and the goal of presenting the board’s proposal to the congregation during the autumn remains unchanged. This is planned for by presenting the candidate to the congregation in writing and by the candidate preaching at a joint service. The congregation then will have the opportunity to ask the candidate questions. At the next congregational meeting, the congregation will then approve the board’s proposal to call the candidate as pastor and Senior Pastor.

In light of the decision made at the annual meeting in 2021 to submit the budget to the congregation, it was decided that the budget proposal for 2023 be presented to the congregation. This will be done at the Congregational meeting in November. Comments on the budget will then be taken in and  the board  will then decide on the budget at its next board meeting.

Furthermore, the ministry planning committee was given the task from the annual meeting 2021, to evaluate the pandemic and the different forms of digital congregational meetings.

Finally, the board received reports from the Interim Senior Pastor Claes-Göran Ydrefors and the Chief of Administration Marianne Eriksson. Claes-Göran particularly highlighted the confirmation weekend on 10-11 September as very touching. The board extends a special thanks to everyone who works with the youth, now especially with our confirmands!

The meeting ended with a prayer.