Minutes from the Congregational meeting 4 December 2022

Present: Approximately 140 members
Interpreters: Marco Helles, Paulina Fröling

§ 1 Introduction and opening of the meeting
The chairman, Greger Hjelm, welcomed those present and especially pastor Carin Dernulf to the congregational meeting. He said a prayer and declared the meeting open.

§ 2 Adoption of the agenda
The chairman asked the congregation to wait with any other questions they may have until the extra congregational meeting on Sunday, December 18, 2022. The agenda was then set.

§ 3 Election of adjusters
Ingrid Jonsson and Patrick Amofah were elected as adjusters for the minutes, to adjust the minutes together with the chairman.

§ 4 Presentation of Carin Dernulf and questions
The chairman expressed his joy at the board’s proposal to recruit pastor Carin Dernulf to lead and shepherd the congregation of Immanuel Church. Pastor Carin has many of the criteria that were sought after, among others, she is a valued preacher, well anchored in the Equmenia church, has experience as a senior pastor in a congregation with many different cultures, experience in development work among young people, also she has an international network of contacts and is outgoing.

In addition to the information sent by mail to all members of the congregation, Pastor Carin introduced herself and her family. She is grateful for her experience from Equmenia, as well as with international boards in various contexts and from her time at Centrumkyrkan. A congregation she described as an accepting environment where people are allowed to think differently and which, like Immanuel Church, has a rich musical life.

The floor was opened for questions.

Pastor Carin received many questions about everything from what aroused her curiosity about Immanuel Church, her spiritual identity, how and when she became a Christian, what theology she is rooted in, how she will reach the youth, how all the congregation’s groups can be seen, the church’s role in society, what servant leadership means to her, the congregation’s priority areas, the congregation’s need for healing, to how she is as a colleague and leader.

Here is a summary of her response:

  • Various impulses about Immanuel Church have come over the course of a year and she has listened in and been open to God’s guidance. Throughout the process she has experienced joy.
  • She described her spiritual journey from the decision as a 13-year-old, growing up in the Alliansmissionen and the journey she made to land in the theological foundation of the Uniting Church in Sweden. The most important thing in common is Jesus Christ.
  • Her heart beats warmly for young people and their need for places and conversations regarding their existential questions.
  • She wants to build the college of pastors and deacons into a joint team that prays in unison and works well together.
  • She considers it important that the church gets involved in society.
  • To be a pastor is to serve, as well as to listen and want to understand. To serve is to dare to show oneself on a path where it is not a matter of I but we.
  • She wants to get to know the congregation and believes that she can form an opinion about the direction of the congregation fairly quickly. She is ready for the disappointment that some may experience. She is hopeful and sees ways forward but does not consider herself naive.
  • She has an evangelist’s heart and wants to make the faith available to more people, which is daring to be an evangelist in the way that is natural to everyone.
  • As a leader, she is a distinct team person. We are better together.

The chairman warmly thanked Pastor Carin for making herself available to the Congregation and for showing her willingness to take on the task as Senior Pastor. The decision is the Congregation’s and will be made at the congregational meeting on Sunday December 18, 2022.

§ 5 Other questions
There were no other questions.

§ 6 Conclusion
The Interim Senior pastor Claes-Göran Ydrefors reminded us of Immanuel – God with us, regarding this matter as well as all other matters. He offered the benediction, after which the chairman closed the meeting.

Cathrin Sjöström 

Greger Hjelm, Chairman                            
Ingrid Jonsson & Patrick Amofah