Interim Senior Pastor

Our Senior Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner, has, due to health reasons, asked for the Board´s permission to step down from this position. Ulla Marie has been ill since November, 2021, and she finds it difficult to believe that she will be able to return fully as Senior Pastor. The Board has accepted her request and Claes-Göran Ydrefors will step in as Interim Senior Pastor from 1 February – 31 May, 2022. Claes-Göran is a member of our congregation and well known by many, as he was employed by Immanuel Church during 2014 – 2018, when he went into retirement. He was employed as Deputy Senior Pastor and also as Lead Pastor in our Swedish fellowship.
Ulla Marie Gunner will continue as Pastor in Immanuel Church now that Claes-Göran is taking the position as Interim Senior Pastor.

Let us surround Ulla Marie Gunner with our thoughts and prayers and pray for her quick recovery. We are grateful for all the years she has served as Senior Pastor of Immanuel Church and we will let you know about the official opportunity to thank Ulla Marie.
At the same time we want to welcome Claes-Göran Ydrefors in his new role and thank him for making himself available.

We also take this opportunity to inform you that our Head of Administration, Marianne Eriksson, has accepted an extended responsibility. From 1 February till the end of 2022 she is Head of Office, taking responsibility and reporting directly to the Board on administration, communication, economy, real estate, IT-matters and human resources.  After this period of time, this position will be evaluated. We welcome you, Marianne! May God bless you and your new mission!

Greger Hjelm
Chair of the Board, Immanuel Church