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This text was published first on 15 April, 2021. It can therefore contain information or views that is inaccurate. It is online for archival purposes.

Thank you!

Thank you for your offerings
– now we take new steps!

During the 2020 pandemic, when it was easy to believe that the church offering would go down, there you were; members and friends of the congregation! While we were not able to meet for worship, you continued to give via postal giro, bank giro, and via Swish. With the help of computers, telephones and QR codes, we survived, virtually, up to last year’s fundraising budget, 4.9 million SEK.

Now we want to say THANK YOU for your gifts! Many THANKS to all of you who felt responsible for the congregation’s finances during the pandemic times. In the song
To give is to receive” the text reads: “Only he who has learned to give can get rich, for to give is to receive a great blessing.” God bless you!

Now it’s 2021 and the pandemic continues. We need to continue to share our assets. But right now we are in a dip when it comes to offering and we want to urge all of us to take new steps! Pandemic fatigue is spreading – it is in that reality that we continue to be a church. Not as usual but in a new way! With new opportunities and new challenges. But with the same message. And just like before, depending on your participation, your prayers and your gifts.

THANK YOU for contributing to the work of the congregation!

The Board’s communication and fundraising committee