Immanuelskyrkans församlingsmöte

Report from the Board December 9th, 2021


In addition to the regular agenda, the board had invited Sven Mannervik and Samuel Borg, chairman and CEO of the Probitas group, to share news and current situation of Probitas, the real estate company where our congregation is the sole owner.
Mannervik stated that the Probitas group exists to create assets to secure the needs of the congregation and that the congregation and Probitas group work together to build he Kingdom of God. He also emphasized that the Church Board is ultimately responsible for decisions taken in the Probitas group.

Samuel Borg is, as CEO of Probitas group, thereby head of the companies in the group.
Borg specifically mentioned Löjtnantsgården, a diaconal projekt created by our congregation. Borg encouraged the congregation to look forward and beyond the fact that this project sometimes does not bring profit. This is, however, a detail in view of Probitas’ overall achievments.

Climate emergency

Borg also mentioned apartments for diaconal needs. The congregation and its deacons, not Probitas, should handle the distribution of these apartments.
At its yearly Church Conferense 2021, the Equmenia Church declared climate emergency. The Board encouraged Probitas to let the congregation clearly know what is being done regarding climate and environmental concerns within the Probitas group.
Concerning IFAB, Immanuel´s financial management company, Borg seeks directives from the congregation for IFAB to push companies in the right direction concerning the environment rather than investing in pure environmental shares, which often have a poor return.

The two guests left the meeting and the board continued with today’s agenda.

The current situation in the International group

The current situation in the International group, and its relationship to the rest of the congregation was discussed. There are lots of questions in the air concerning the International fellowship. The Chair stated that there is a wide gap between the International fellowship, the Board and the congregational leadership. This concerns how you look at roles, vision and values. A meeting between the parties involved with focus on the future is a natural step in the process forward.

The board decided:

  • Greger Hjelm, Ingrid Östlund and Ulla Marie Gunner continue the contact and the dialogue with the International group
  • To take a break in recruiting an international pastor until confidence is restored between the parties involved

The congregation is now facing several recruitments

A pastor to the Swedish group (100% focusing on children, young people and family), international pastor, music director (100%), husmor (50%) and a temporary communicator (100%).
The Board decided to assign to the congregational leadership to start these recruitment processes.

The Board also decided that congregatinal meetings will take place on January 16th, February 29th and March 20th, 2022, at 12.30 – 13.30.

The Board commitee for communication stated that communication as a building block is currently not used to its full potential in Immanuel church. Our communication needs to speak with one voice, one message and point to a congregation with shared vision and values. The

Board decided:

  • To produce one congregational newsletter, with equal content in Swedish and English. In depth information on specific activities in the various language groups will appear as a link in this newsletter and substitute separate newsletters
  • Social media accounts will be coordinated with the purpose to show, at all times, that Immanuel church is the sender

Welcome kit

A new printed material, a welcome kit for newcomers and visitors in the Church, is under development. This material will be used all through the congregation, in all the various language groups. A more in depth material will also be produced for potential church members.

Board decided:

On basis of the plan presented, the Board decided to establish the budget for 2022. The budget shows a deficit of 500 TKR. The deficit relates to a post for developing new operations that stimulates and supports long-term operational development. This project needs to be fully described, evaluated, and reported. The Senior pastor decides on the ideas and the deficit will be financed through selling one of the condominiums, owned by the congregation.

  • The Board stressed the urgent need of a new operational plan. A small group within the Boad was assigned to clarify the process to produce a new operational plan. The Board decided:
  • A new operational plan will be presented at the annual meeting 2022 for further decision by the congregation.

Vaccine passes

Church services are open. For services for over one hundred participators vaccine passes are imperative. All councils in Immanuel have been asked about their view on this. The Swedish and Korean councils are positive to vaccine passes, the international council is not. They will continue with social distancing and will not offer communion or after church coffee. Immanuel 153 is not affected – the group gathers less than a hundred people. The Board decided:

  • To introduce the use of vaccine passes in the Swedish and Korean groups at Sunday morning services, at 11 o´clock. And hereby both communion and after church coffee can be reintroduced. No decision was taken on the date of implementation.

The Chairman reported

Jenny Dobers and Joakim Hagerius, regional and assistant church leader, have asked for a meeting with Greger Hjelm to discuss the current situation in Immanuel International group.

The Church Newsletter this week informs that Ulla Marie Gunner will resign from her post as Senior Pastor during spring 2023, at the latest. The church staff is already informed.

The Chairman suggested that a temporary post (1-2 years) is installed. This as a resource for the organisation during a time when various processes are ongoing or on their way to get started. This position will be financed as an ”extra post” through the sale of a condominium, owned by the congregation.

The Board decided:

  • To assign the Chaiman to present a description of this position.

In dialogue with tenants living in ”Nebulosan”, the Board once again states that the matter concerning ”Nebulosan” will continue to be handled by Probitas.