Report from the Board 27 May 2021

Another digital board meeting, a little meager in that way, but with a cold and rainy day like today it’s nice to be able to sit in the warmth of our own home and still be able to join in on the warm community that is the board meeting. Hopefully this will be the last digital board meeting in a long time. 

Apart from several reports that are the main agenda tonight, focus was on the motions that have been sent in for the Annual Meeting. This will be held later this year due to the COVID Pandemic and will take place on 3rd of October. 

Before this board meeting preparations have been made by different board members on how to respond to the motions that have been sent in. A discussion now took place to ensure that the suggested responses mirror the opinion of the entire board. One of the motions is about how decisions are made within the congregation. A second motion wants to raise the question regarding information within the congregation during the pandemic. A third mentions the mandate periods for the board members in the three councils as well as the Congregational Board. Another motion wants to review the ministry during Saturday-Sunday in the Church. The two remaining motions are partially about the congregation’s diaconal care and partly about a suggestion for organized information and cooperation between the councils. The board then conversed regarding the perception of each motion so that everyone had the same understanding of the meaning of each motion so that the responses to these will be correctly formulated. The board could agree on most of the suggested responses and for the next board meeting the remaining last response is due. 

Sociala Missionen, which Immanuel Church is a part of, have had their annual meeting. Senior Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner reported from their meeting. The finances of Sociala Missionen are now in balance and the ministry is more focused. An important part in their work is to support refugees. The membership fee has been removed to encourage more congregations and organizations to get involved. Immanuel Church have several people who are active in relation to Sociala Missionen and view its growth in a positive manner. The board were happy to receive this report. 

Senior Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner informed on how the next Congregational Meeting will take place. It will be digital with the possibility to vote in real time, which is a new function. 

The board have been asked to supply an additional board member as suggested delegate for The Uniting Church of Sweden’s Church Conference. Ingrid Östlund is suggested. 

Senior Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner informed on the new guidelines on the pandemic which make it possible to have services with 50 participants starting 1st June. It is looking positive to, little by little, be able to go back to a more normal ministry. Many thoughts and plans on how this can be done will be more concretized in June. Thoughts on how this can be done in a smart way were shared. 

Several reports were presented. Among them there was a report that the collections continue to taper and that the number of participants in the digital services are less. Is this due to people being tired due to the COVID pandemic, the season or is anything else behind this? The congregation need to be presented this information. 

Several recruitment processes are in progress and Barbro Eriksson, who is the head of Personnel Committee provided a status report. A report on Probitas and IFAB was also presented, stating that the hotel is still going through a tough time. 

The meeting ended with collective hope that the next meeting, 17th June, will be a normal, physical meeting.