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This text was published first on 2 September, 2021. It can therefore contain information or views that is inaccurate. It is online for archival purposes.

Report from the Board 2 September 2021

Senior Pastor Ulla-Marie Gunners’ report:  

  • A lot of positive activities have taken place during the summer, even though the church has been closed. The opening of the church has now begun. There’s a lot that needs to be prepared and the Pandemic is not over. 
  • The newsletter is one of the Congregation’s important information channels. 
  • This years’ Confirmation has been a lovely experience. The camp at Holsby Brunn worked out well. For the first time we had “Funkiskonfa” and it worked well overall. The application for funding from the foundation “Allmänna Arvsfonden” (public foundation for inheritance funding) has been sent in to be able to develop “Funkiskonfa” nationally. 
  • Diaconal Care: more people than usual are calling to talk to someone. Since the staff now have been vaccinated, they will start doing home visits again. 
  • We are in need of volunteers with digital experience. 

Several new recruitments have been made. Principal for Immanuel Music School and Director of Service. The next position that is being planned for is the position as Husmor. 

The work environment policy can be found among the documents that the workplace has, but it is not compiled in a clear way. When this has been compiled better, the Board needs to decide on the policy and if it needs to be clarified to the staff. 

Ministry Evaluation Committee
The Ministry Evaluation Committee has presented a report that the board have found reasonable and having a pragmatic demeanor to the circumstances that we’ve been through during the pandemic. 

Chief of Administration
Marianne Eriksson was welcomed to the meeting and introduced herself. She presented a Finance Report with a run through where it was found that the offerings within the Congregation continue to be behind. Information on this needs to be presented to the Congregation as new activities rely on the offering. 

Annual Meeting Oct 3rd, 2021
Information on how the Annual Meeting will take place regarding practicalities as well as the content was presented. The responsibility was divided on how any incoming questions regarding the Board’s answers to the motions will be handled. 

Reports were presented from the different committees. 

The meeting was closed with a prayer. 

/Barbro Ericsson, Chairman of the Personnel Committee