Report from the Board 17 June, 2021

  1. Fredrik Jonsson, who is responsible for the Confirmation Program joined for the beginning of the meeting. Fredrik reported on how this years’ Confirmation Program had taken place and what the plans were for the Confirmation Camp that was going to take place on the 19th of June with 33 registered Confirmands. The Board said a prayer for Fredrik, the leaders, the teenagers, and the camp. A prayer about health, protection and personal meetings with Jesus that would surpass the participants expectations. 
  2. Peter Dobers and Claes Jonsson presented a status report on how it’s going with reviewing the Congregation’s Constitutional Document. The Board decided that the group would have a more in-depth presentation of their revised suggestion in the Board meeting on the 2nd of September as well as the 21st of October. 
  3. The Board had a discussion on thoughts about a recruitment policy for candidates from countries outside of the EU and EES. The discussion proved that there were more aspects that needed to be taken into consideration before any decisions can be made and the board will therefore continue with this question in the future. 
  4. The guidelines for IFAB and the Finance Committee were decided upon. 
  5. The Board decided to appoint a group to work on finding a solution for Lead Pastor for the Swedish Fellowship. Convenor of the group will be Marco Helles and others who may be asked to join in on this work, was also discussed during the meeting. 
  6. The Senior Pastor gave a report on the first services that have been held live since the Swedish Health Agency removed some of the restrictions. The Senior Pastor also reported on the plans for the Ministries of the Congregation during the Summer months. 
  7. The Finance Committee reported that the offerings and collections of the congregations are 347 000SEK below budget. The cost for the Fellowships is 687 000SEK below budget and the cost for personnel is 627 000SEK below budget. 
  8. The Communication- and Collection Committee has reported on which actions have been taken to try to increase offering within the Congregation. An email has been sent out to all members and the same information is also available on the Church website. The Committee has also spoken to the leaders of the worship and Pastors about the importance of informing what the congregational needs are, during the services. The Committee plan to also join in on The Uniting Church of Sweden’s campaign regarding the Church Fee. The campaign letter from the Uniting Church of Sweden goes out to all whom currently aren’t donors, and the Uniting Church of Sweden is willing to provide the same informational letter in English as well. 
  9. The Personnel Committee reported on the recruitment processes for a principal for Immanuel Music School as well as for a Director of Service. Winnieross Olofsson is a summer temp as Pastor’s assistant and will be given a longer contract throughout the winter while we search for a replacement for Pete Andersson. 
  10. The Board were presented with a report on the current situation from Probitas and the hotel. 
  11. The Board meeting ended with a discussion on the plans for the Annual Meeting that is set to take place at the Church on the 3rd of October. The Board also discussed a few questions that had been sent to the Chair from the Ministry Evaluation Committee for their report which will be presented at the Annual Meeting. 
  12. The Senior Pastor ended the meeting with a prayer.