Immanuelskyrkans församlingsmöte

Report from the Board, October 21,2021

The board’s work going forward

Greger Hjelm was elected new chairman of the Board at the annual meeting, October 3rd.
He welcomed the new board by praying and reading from Col. 3: 12 – 17.

Greger then presented his view on the overall duties of the board:
A. A vivid theological discussion
B. Management ( of assets and structures)
C. How to develop the congregation

There is a tendency that B becomes dominant, that there is less effort invested in A and C.

Further, there are four important things needed to create a good environment within
 the board:

  • Common goals (discuss and define)
  • Agenda (thoughts on what should be prioritized)
  • Roles, mandate, areas of responsibility
  • Set of rules (agreement on how we interact with each other)

This can act as a constant reminder for the board.

After this we walked through the constitution of the congregation, especially the wording concerning the work of the board.

The chairman presented a draft of working methods for the board and this was discussed in the meeting.

Greger also presented a list of ten issues, presented to the board at the AGM, October 3rd. This together with a list of issues that are to be managed.

The board elected Peter Dobers and Claes Jonsson to be the backbone  of a new temporary organisational sub committee. Peter and Claes are already updating the church constitution  and are now asked to look into the organisation in this broader perspective, and to thereafter bring the issue back to the board.

This year’s Church Conference

At this year´s digital Church Conference Immanuel was represented by a group of nine delegates. In their report from the conference the delegates particularily point at three motions that, in a special way, touches our congregation:

1. Motion on climate.
The conference decided to proclaim climate emergency.

2. Motion on inclusion of LGBTQ persons.
The conference decided that the Equmenia Church clearly disapprove  all discrimination due to sexual preference or gender identity.

3. Motion on getting to know more about Palestine – Israel.
The conference decided to urge congregations to create deeper contacts with and to learn more about this area.

Lack of knowledge about how the church works

The AGM, on October 3rd, led to observations by those responsible for registration of members before the meeting. Mainly this concerns the congregation´s International group:

It turned out that many did not know that there was an AGM, why you hold an AGM, why all members should have a voting card, if you are a member etc…
Fact is, many do not know how the congregation operates.
The report suggested education for all members and the board gives priority to this.


As Kristina Åkesson is leaving Immanuel at the end of the year a process is going on to recruit her successor. There is also an ongoing process to recruit an associate pastor to our international group.
Michael Taubert, Director for service, retires mid January and will be succeeded by Urban Smedman.

Wall Street Stockholm, WSS

Wall Street Stockholm,WSS, is a cultural event taking place in June 2022. The theme will be
”Sustainable development and courage. Art, culture and human rights”.Two hundred and twenty two pieces of art, murals, sculptures, lazer installations will decorate streets and squares, back yards etc in Stockholm.
Immanuel Church is asked to participate in this event by reserving 140 square meters of the church facade for a piece of art that highlights a message, important to the church.
This issue was discussed at length by the board who decided that this project can be a part of the external and forward looking work.
This project will be a cooperation  between Immanuel Church and Probitas.

The Board will meet on November 13 for a working day, continued discussions and fellowship. Our next board meeting takes place on November 18.