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This text was published first on 5 February, 2021. It can therefore contain information or views that is inaccurate. It is online for archival purposes.

People who change the world

Bo Forsberg used to be the Secretary General for Diakonia, during many years. Diakonia is the international aid organisation of Equmeniakyrkan and Svenska Alliansmissionen who works with local partners to make a durable difference for the most vulnerable people of the world. 

Bo is now rewarded with a medal from HM the King of Sweden for “eminent contributions in Christian aid”. Diakonia always stresses that it is people that change the world. Bo is one of those eminent people who embodies this saying. He himself says that  he  wants to dedicate the royal award  to all his friends that with a risk for their life works for this change. Bo is a member of Immanuel church and we want to honor him and congratulate him. But most of all a big thank you for a tremendous commitment for the most vulnerable people of our world.
You can read  more about Bo in this link (in Swedish):

People who change the world – it always starts with small steps. This prayer is a help to be that change. (From the Swedish hymnal in church, 967)

We come before you, our Creator, praying:
Receive our hearts and teach us to love like you.
Receive our ears and help us listen to your will.
Receive our eyes and teach them to see the world with your eyes.
Receive our hands and give them warmth and creativity.
Receive our voices and teach us to speak the truth. 
Receive our feet, make them willing to walk your path.
Hear our prayer. Amen


Ulla Marie Gunner, Senior pastor