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Masterclass – Opera and Musical

Saturday, August 28 at 10–17, the Singing Academy within Immanuel Church Music School arranges a masterclass with Maria Lindberg Kransmo with a focus on opera and musicals. The class i held in Waldenströmsalen, Immanuel Church (large and airy hall)

Maria Lindberg Kransmo is a dedicated voice technician and “voice cross over-training” specialist, who works with both classical and opera singers, as well as with musical and pop singers, to find the technology in these different genres.

She teaches at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and at a newly started choir leader training, BUS Academy.

For many years she was employed at the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg, where she trained future professional musical singers.

Maria holds a Master’s Degree in Voice Pedagogy from the University of North Texas. She has also furthered her education with world-famous active singing teachers such as David L Jones (Swedish-Italian School of Singing) and Jeanie LoVetri (Somatic Voicework, popular musical genres) and in Spain with Carmen Bustamente and Francesca Roig in the Spanish Bel canto tradition etc.

Maria is dedicated to her work to guide singers to reach their best potential, in a curious, fun-filled and singer-focused way where everyone should feel lifted! The class is held in swedish.

Active participant: SEK 900
Passive participant: SEK 200

Registration is binding and no later than August 2nd, we want your registration to
Attach to your application a simple recording where you sing an optional song.

We primarily have “Passive” places left – “Active” places are filled – but any vacancies may arise as active. Indicate wishes in email.