I like to see the positive in everything – A highly positive person

Sometimes things can be very difficult and everything seems impossible. God can use every situation for his purpose and for our good. It can be difficult in seeing what is positive in Corona times. Here are some of the ways that I can see some positives in my life during the pandemic period.
I used to travel often within the EU in my work but since about one year now and because of the pandemic, I have mostly been in Sweden. This means that I have been able to take a long walk with people in my life. I have enjoyed very much meditation during my walks in the forest and nature, when looking at the white snow during the winter months and looking to the sky or just looking at water bodies and the sun in the beautiful sky.
Less travel for me means less stress to and from work even in Sweden when I work so much from home days. I also think that I am able to contribute more to a more sustainable planet now than before.
My long walks in the nature have given me the opportunity to pray, to appreciate God’s creation that is all around, but also to appreciate that God has protected me and my loved ones and for that I am so much thankful. I do get a lot of ideas and new ways of solving my work challenges during these walks and meditations but also new ways of knowing people more when I take the walk with someone. In this way taking a long walk by myself or with someone it’s always a blessing as I see it.
The pandemic has also helped me to improve and developed much more digital skills and competences than before.
I would like to encourage all of you to try to look for blessings even in very difficult times like this. May God bless you all!

/Patrick Amofah