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This text was published first on 4 March, 2021. It can therefore contain information or views that is inaccurate. It is online for archival purposes.

Greetings from the Deacons

The needs and efforts of the deacons at Immanuel Church looks different now during the pandemic. They are used to meeting many people in the church, in the homes and in the nursing homes. At present, the telephone is an important working tool for them. They try to call and keep in touch with mainly our older members, but they also have many conversations with other people who contact them because they need someone to talk to. The deacons clearly see that this year has been difficult for many, such as losing work, no income and having lack of money concerns. The deacons can help those who need contact with social services, but they can also provide help on how to apply for funds, etc.

Community Lunch • Shower for homeless EU citizens • Extra cold Nights
We have wanted to continue the efforts for the most vulnerable people in our society as safely as possible. We distribute food outside the church once a month on a Saturday, we offer shower facilities for homeless EU citizens one afternoon a week, and have on some occasions opened the church for “extra cold nights”, an activity that the association New Community coordinates for nights when it is so cold that there is danger to human life to sleep outdoors. We are very grateful for the opportunity to do this, and see how important it is for those who come.

Frida Fritzon – Deacon Assistant 
We are also very happy that we will have a new colleague in mid-April; Frida Fritzon is a trained sociologist, and is currently studying to be a deacon. She will be part of the deacon team, with a special responsibility for the shower activities for EU citizens. Frida’s experience of having worked in the social services for many years gives her good conditions to help members and others who need support in such contacts.

During her studies, Frida will work as a diakonia assistant, and when
she will be fully trained in a year, we hope she will be called by the Congregation to be one of our deacons, together with Agneta and Anders.

The deacons are grateful for the care and prayers for them and all who seek the support of the congregation through the work of diakonia.
/Pastor Anna Berndes