Report from the board September 23, 2020

2. Approval of the agenda
The board approved the present agenda with the comment that the meeting will begin with the report points.

3. Minutes of previous meeting, August 25, 2020
The minutes were added to the documents.

4. Memoirs for meeting
Peter Dobers was elected for the task of writing memoirs intended for the website. 

5. Reports

a) The Senior Pastor reports from church activities
Digital meetings belongs to everyday life. Some meetings in smaller constellations are conducted. Some groups can meet, others not. Friday nights activities works very well. Since the toilets are completely renovated, the Information desk can open Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

The Annual Church Conference is in progress. New church leaders have been elected in accordance with the church board’s proposal. It is advantageous to follow the conference on the website of the Uniting Church in Sweden. 

The overall budget has an unspecified item with savings, which the Annual Church Conference has started discussing; the conference ought to have views on this.
New website has been launched and new computer monitors have been mounted on the church hill and around the church entrances.

b) The Equmenia association
Resting at the moment. No one present could report on ongoing work and board work. The board discussed what could be done to further support the E.a. board’s work and how Equmenia nationally also should be able to think through what they could do differently to assist congregations rich in child and youth work which, however, do not have the strength for the board work. 

c) Head of Administration
Report for August was compiled. Corona effects are seen for both revenue and expences. Financial results show a negative result of SEK 408.000 for August. No oddities for the last few months. 

d) The Financial committee
Has reviewed the report for August (according to 5.c). Has discussed the budget for 2021 that the board wants to increase by 3%. The Financial committee makes the assessment that we can increase the withdrawal from Probitas in accordance to the plan of 3% increase.

e) The Communication and Collection committee
Is reviewing the communications policy; only a minor adjustment is expected. Will go through a selection of applications for the job as Communication Officer. The new website has been launched and is filled with more content with each passing day. Unni Jonsson is co-opted into the committee. The new communication monitors have been mounted in four places. A discussion about a joint newsletter for the different worship groups has been initiated (a newsletter with the working title ”Diverse unity”). 

f) The Personnel committee
The Personnel committee matters can be found as separate items on the agenda. What remains is the employee survey to be carried out again for the first time since 2015. The letter will be sent out at the end of September, and the survey will be conducted in mid-October. 

g) Chairman
Last month has not been burdensome; some conversation with a member of the congregation. 

h) Probitas and the IFAB board
It was reported that Probitas has not held a board meeting since the summer. 

6. Current situation report regarding the pandemicEmployees have entered the new rhythm and the office seems to be adequately populated. It is not apparent that any employee feels bad due to the pandemic. What is good for staff and visitors? E.g. no home visits are carried out during October. Some smaller groups are in place in larger premises. Each room has got a limit for the maximum number of participants, set by the church. Increased demands on technology (streaming and recording of worships) needs to be strengthened with more staff; the congregation also organizes training for volunteers in the technology around streaming, sound, light etc. regarding activities conveyed online. An idea of a digital Advent calendar for the whole congregation arose. Producer competence is a new competence which we should examine if we need. Phone calls with members who want calls are conducted. How Löjtnantsgården can be reopened for visitors will be discussed and planned during October. Relatives should have first priority before employees. 

7. Current situation report and plans for the Annual meeting 2020 Last response day for the survey before the Annual meeting is September 25. So far, about 280 responses have been received. Votes cast will be counted on Tuesday. Interpreters have been asked to participate at the Annual meeting itself. Practical solutions for communication and information were presented and discussed; volunteers on the board line up for email and SMS service. We should have some standard answers that we use when we reply to questions. The board should be in the Immanuel Church and support the presidium. The chairperson and one more from each council should also be invited. 

8. Establishment of guidelines and sustainability policy for IFAB
Guidelines for the current year were established.

9. Operational plan 2021 – forward: discussion
The chairman reports on initiatives for initial talks he has had with the chairpersons of the councils regarding a revised operational plan to be submitted to the Annual meeting 2021. 

10. Procurement of auditing services for the entire group of companies
The basis for the procurement was presented. Auditing services were last procured in 2005. 

11. End of meeting
Ulla Marie concluded the meeting with prayer.