Report from the Board March 12th, 2020

Ahead of the Annual Meeting, the Board have been joined by our auditors, Jonas Grahn and Christina Gotting. The aim for the auditors has been to complete an administrative report (on the fellowship) and closing report/audit report (regarding profit and loss balance). This is completed and the auditors summarize with a comment: 

This year’s audit provides a fair view of both the church and the Concern. Our aim is to provide a “clean” audit report, without any comments. 

Admin director, Mats Engen, presented the audit report for 2019, and the Board signed off on it. The audit report will be shared with all members before the annual meeting, in accordance with the by-laws. 

Ulla Marie Gunner presented that Immanuel Church will temporarily be closed, at first until March 27th, due to the Corona pandemic. We follow the rules and guidelines set by the Swedish Public Health Agency and other agencies. Public gatherings have been cancelled; the church is closed. Apart from this, there are staff members at the church and some activities are continuing. The Management group are encouraged to keep a logbook over the critical activities for the congregation. 

For the Probitas Board Mats Bernö, Hans-Olof Hagen and Roelof Hansman from the Congregational Board, are nominated. For the available seats the Nominating Committee suggest six names. These will be decided at the Probitas annual meeting. 

If all goes as planned the Congregational meeting on the 29th of March should be able to take place as usual. The agenda includes the Calling of Esther Kazen as new Pastor in the Swedish fellowship, and more. If you would like to listen to Esther and hear more about her, we will publish an interview with her on our website, that has been recorded by Stephen James. Keep a lookout for this video! 

At the Congregational Meeting we need to decide on a change in the by-laws, and a part of the meeting will be about the Congregational newsletter “Immanuel”. 

The decision to have a Congregational Meeting will be decided when we know more about the course of events of the pandemic. Information will be provided on the website. 

Based on a report from Pastor Ivani Ahlberg, the Board discussed the Portuguese fellowship. These services have importance. The offering within the group is increasing and during this year more emphasis will be placed on evangelization. Pastor Ivani has less than two years of her job here left, which is financed by the Uniting Church of Sweden. The Board will follow the progression of the group and later give their input on progression and future for the Portuguese fellowship.  

The association of the Uniting Church of Sweden reported that they are at crossroads. Two of the associations five members have decided to step down, among them the Chair. It is not easy to find a replacement and it is looking like the association may be put on hold. 

The Finance Committee presented that the chances to reach a 0-budget for 2020 are very likely. 

The Communication Committee and the Collection Committee described the new website. A new contract has been signed with a new developer and supplier, Bernskiöld Media. The new product will be delivered in twelve weeks (in the beginning of June). 

For the two first months of the year the offerings meet up to the budget that has been raised to 4,9 MSEK for 2020. This means that it will be a big increase from the previous year. 

The Personnel Committee informed about their thoughts and activities that have led to the Calling of Esther Kazen as a new Pastor within the Swedish ministry. They also presented that the congregational musician, Martin Åsander, has decided to quit and that our Husmor, Daniel has asked for a year of leave due to personal reasons.