Report from the Board January 23rd, 2020

First, a few important dates that are coming up: 

1. The next Congregational Meetings are planned to take place on the 2nd of February and the 29th of March. For those who want to engross themselves further within the Congregation’s companies, there is an organized evening for this on the 23rd of April to which members are welcome to attend. 

2. A representative/ representatives from Immanuel 153 will be invited to the next Board Meeting, in February. This is to be enable a dialogue and to get to know this group better. Immanuel 153 is a group that has been in the Congregation for 13 years and the goal is to get an insight into their vision and plans that that group are working with now. 

3. The Board saw positively upon the decision to start a Congregational Committee for Diaconal care, at the same time as there will be groups of Deacons in each of the Congregation’s individual fellowship groups. The Diaconal Committee will have 6 participants. Two from each fellowship group, including one who works as a Deacon. 

4. The financial compilation for 2019 has not yet been completed. As far as we know, this far, it looks like it has a positive result and that donations and offerings have reached the budget for 2019, which is 4,7 million SEK. It is also gratifying to know that there is an increase in members. At the end of the year we could count to 1400 members, which is an increase from 2019 with 79 people. This has been noted by the Board with gratitude. 

5. The result for the Church fee beats all records! In total 540 people have chosen to give their Church Fee to Immanuel Church. This means an addition to the total for the Congregation with approximately 1,2 million SEK yearly. The Board extend a big thank you to all givers of their Church Fee – your contribution makes a difference! 

6. The Board decided to get behind the changes that are going on in the Congregation’s communication work. At the Congregational Meeting on the 2nd of February the changes and what they will entail, will be presented. Come and listen and share in this exciting development! 

7. The Congregation are in search of a new Pastor. There are seven applicants that have applied for the job. After these applications have come in, the next step is the interview process. The recruitment group consists of seven people, people from the Board’s Personnel Committee, the Swedish Fellowship Council, Immanuel Senior and one representative from the Union.
The Congregation will be kept updated as soon as possible. 

8. Helena Erkenborn has, since a few days back, worked at the Congregational Office. Helena is known to the Congregation, up until 2008 as she worked with inquiries regarding the Church/Working life. She is a Deacon and has a bachelor’s degree in theology. Part of her work will be to assist Ulla Marie Gunner, as Ulla Marie will go in as a Leading Pastor for the Swedish Fellowship (apart from the Senior Pastor duties).