Report from the Board 25 August, 2020

A second time since the pandemic has started and the first time since summer vacation the Board (with a few exceptions), got together for a Board meeting in the church square café. Everyone was very happy to be meting again, even though it was in a “Covid-safe” way with distancing according to the recommendations set by the Public Health Agency of Sweden (FHM). 

• Senior Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner presented the activities that had taken place at the church during the summer with, i.e. candle lighting once a week and two camps for children, that have been very much appreciated. During the next few days plans are being made for a step by step process on how to open the church again after the new recommendations that FHM will present. 

Regarding services, after church coffee, children- and youth activities, lunch concerts, choir practices, senior activities, the information desk, the Christmas market – keep your eyes open – information will be published on the Church’s website! 

• The Annual Meeting will be held on the 18th of October at 14.00. This meeting was originally supposed to take place on the 26th of April. The pandemic was the reason for the meeting to be moved and all members have received information on the annual meeting in accordance with the bylaws. The Annual Meeting will be held semi-virtually and the Congregation have said Yes to this via a letter. 

The Annual Meeting will be held in Waldenströmssalen with the Board, presidium, Ministry Evaluation Committee, the three Fellowship Councils, interpreters, technicians, and adjusters. The meeting will be livestreamed to the Chapel. Members who would like to be there need to notify that they would like to attend. 

Questions for the presidium will be able to be sent in via text messages, emails, and messenger. 

The Annual Meeting will follow the church service of each language group.  

• Diaconal care has been, and is currently, very busy during these times. There are more people who need more support at the same time as the work situation for the Deacons is more intense than usual. Because of this, the Board have decided to hire another Deacon, at 100%. At the same time, it has been decided that a position for a church musician, at 30% will be vacant until further notice. 

• The project titled” Immauel 2.0” (which is an analysis based on interviews on where the Congregation stands today, which will be used as a tool within the ministry going forward) has been presented and completed. Erik Amnå is responsible for the analysis and the material that can be put into practice now. There is a possibility that it will be followed by more interviews – and when that is completed it will be able to be viewed. 

• Ulla Marie Gunner presented information on children’s ministry, Community Lunch, about the progress on the new website – that is expected to be published sometime between the 15th and the 30th of September. 

• Admin Director Mats Engen reported on the summer offerings. Even though it wasn’t possible to have normal services the result for “donations and offerings” came in over budget! An amazing result where a big, warm thank you is directed to the entire Congregation. 

• The Communication- and Collection committees presented the informational screens that are going to be placed in and around the church. Three will be placed outside the church and one inside the main entrance. The screens are planned to be ready to be used on the 15th of September. 

• The new website will be further delayed but will be published sometime between the 15th and the 30th of September. 

• The Personnel Committee is currently working on recruiting someone for communication. The ad is out and the last day to apply is the 20th of September. Recruiting of a Deacon will be started as soon as possible.