Report from the Board 23 April 2020

This was an extra meeting over and above the timetabled meetings for the year.

1. The board has decided to start each meeting during the ongoing pandemic with an update report on the situation in the church. Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner reported on how the staff is adapting their ministries and activities in line with the fact that the church is closed. The staff have adapted well and are working through the different challenges that the closure of the church presents.

2. Head of Administration Mats Engen reported on the congregation’s finances. Income is somewhat over budget whereas financial posts are somewhat under budget meaning that the overall financial results thus far are 372 thousand crowns under budget. The board send a large message of gratitude to the membership who have continued with their offerings and tythes to the church’s ministries.

3. The meeting concluded with an open Q and A session with the goal of preparing and planning for the unusual period that we can see lies ahead of us.