Report from the Board 14 May 2020

1. The meeting was opened after an opening prayer with a report on the current situation from Head Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner. Water damage in the main sanctuary is quite extensive limiting the ability to broadcast services from there. The staff have started to turn their thoughts to when the church can open again with the intention to plan to be able to open in a safe manner. The Crisis Group will have their next meeting in early June.

2. The Board discussed the possibilities to hold the congregation’s annual meeting for 2020. A group was formed to prepare a proposal and bring to the board at the June meeting.

3. The board turned its thoughts towards a new ministry and operations plan to start in 2021. The idea of creating a sub-committee from the board to work with this was presented. The board discussed the idea in detail and decided to table the idea in deference to the fact that the role of the congregation’s different ministry councils is paramount here.

4. The final report from the Immanuel 2.0 pre-project was laid before the board. The report shall be discussed at the board’s June meeting.

5. The board was reminded that it was decided at the annual meeting 2018 that all elected office holders would be offered education in the subject of equality, diversity and discrimination as soon as possible after the annual meeting. Marco Helles is willing to present such a training and the board will return to this subject in the autumn to plan for when it can be offered in 2021.

6. The board performed an evaluation of the work of the Fundraising and Communication sub-committee as was planned two years ago at the inception of the sub-committee. The board thanked the sub-committee for its excellent work and also approved the guidelines for its work.

7. Other reports that were presented included:
a. Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner informed that Confirmation for 2020 is postponed.
b. Head of Administration Mats Engen informed that income for the first four months of the year was 189 tKr better than budget, that operating result was 589 tKr better than budget and that financial posts were 792 tKr under budget giving a result for the first four months of -213 tKr.
c. The Finance sub-committee informed that the dividend of 20,5 MKr from Probitas has been received.
d. The personnel sub-committee reported (amongst many things) that Pastor Esther Kazen has been taken on on a probationary employment for 12 months starting in August 2020.