Report from the Board 11 June 2020

1. After an opening prayer, the final report for the Immanuel 2.0 pre-project was presented to the board by Erik Amnå. All material that has been analysed emphasizes diversity, diversity as a destination and diversity as a journey/development. The report is considered to reflect a sufficiency of the congregation with perhaps a small need for addition from members of the Korean fellowship group. The report shall now be proof-read and then made available to everyone. The project group was encouraged to come back to the board after the summer break concerning how to go further with the project. The board thanked Erik Amnå and all others involved in the work for all their efforts.

2. A report of the current situation was presented to the board by Head Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner. The extraordinary situation with the ongoing pandemic is beginning to show signs of wear and tear amongst the staff, both concerning continuing ministries in a closed church as well as planning for opening when that eventually is possible. The board emphasized the need to follow the recommendations of the authorities and discussed openly ideas for how to use the church’s different spaces in the work of the church.

3. Ingrid Östlund reported on a meeting she and Marco Helles had had with the international council concerning a letter they sent to the board which took up the recruitment of pastors in general as well s the probationary recruitment of pastor Esther Kazen.

4. Ingrid Östlund and Claes Jonsson presented a final report of their analysis of Löjtnantsgården as a part of the congregation’s diaconal work. The board thanked them for their work and considered the matter finished.

5. The board discussed a proposal concerning how the annual meeting for 2020 can be held in the autumn. The proposal centred around a virtual meeting pending approval from the congregation. The proposal was approved by the board. More information will be sent to every member of the congregation in the form a paper letters after the summer.

6. Head of Administration Mats Engen presented the accumulated financial results for January to May. Results show a loss of 975 tKr due in large part to the worse than budgeted financial posts.

7. The Fundraising and Communication sub-committee informed the board that the launch of the new homepage is now reckoned to take place at the end of August 2020.