Report from the Board December 10th 2020

Report on pandemic situation
The lead pastor presented for the board the current situation in the church and how the staff is doing and is perceiving the pandemic. It is hard to plan the spring of 2021, as the recommendations från the State Health Organisation are continuously changing, but as far as possible plans are made. The staff is also discussing how opening of the church would be possible and what would be needed to open up again, as soon as it would be allowed.

Budget 2021 
The budget for 2021 was discussed extensively at the last board meeting. The administrative manager reported that there were no changes to the budget after last meeting and the finance committee can support and present the budget as is for approval. The board approved the budget for 2021.

Letter received from a member regarding the calling of pastor Esther Kazen
A letter from a member has been received by the board, regarding the calling of pastor Esther Kazen. The board discussed the letter. The chairman and the lead pastor reported that several discussions have taken place with the International and Swedish councils and some other groups and pastors. The discussions have been around values and diversity, and what these mean for Immanuel Church. A decision was taken to answer the letter (with a description of the recruitment process of Esther, and the democratic discussions that have taken place).

Letter received from a member regarding the latest congregational meeting and budget
A letter has been received by the chairman, from a member who was of the view that the digital congregational meeting in November was not interactive enough, and also a more in-depth reporting on financials and budget should have taken place. The chairman reported that he had a discussion with the member and that there was understanding for limited interactivity in the congregational meeting, but also that it was agreed between the chairman and the member that the board and staff would search for ways to increase interactivity during the meetings (see also below). The board discussed the comments regarding the budget and agreed with the member who wrote the letter that a more detailed information regarding the budget would be good and the finance committee and the communications committee was given the assignment to prepare a plan how a more thorough and detailed budget discussion and presentation could take place in the future.

Congregational meeting 24 january
The agenda for the congregational meeting of 24 january was discussed and approved.

Review of the constitution and the organisational structure document
In previous meetings it had been concluded that there is a need to review and possible changes some parts of the constitution and organisational structure documentation. The board discussed that this would be a rather big project and asked two members of the board, as well as a (younger) member of the church to prepare and lead this process.

Test with electronic voting
The church secretary reported on the test that has been taking place with digital voting. These have been rather successful, but there are quite some open questions still that need to be answered before we can use electronic voting without error and safely. For example it needs to be safeguarded that all current email addresses of the members are complete and correct in the church database. The project work continues and it is the expectation that maybe at the annual meeting 2021 electronic voting can take place.