Report from the board October 22, 2020

The board elected by the Immanuel Church’s Annual Meeting met at the first real board meeting since the constitutive meeting in direct connection to the Annual Meeting. 

The discussions were greatly affected by the pleasant information from the government and the Public Health Authorities (FHM) the same day, regarding a new limit for sports, cultural and religious meetings, set at maximally 300 seated persons. The 1st of November would be the starting date for the new regulations. But, we all know what happened. The increased spread of Covid 19 and increased pressure on hospital care caused by this led to sharpened restrictions and the church had to close. But, if we all contribute and follow the restrictions, we hope to be able to see each other during safe conditions again. Hold on! 

The Senior Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner delivered thanks from the Uniting Church in Sweden (Equmeniakyrkan) to the congregation for arrangement contribution during the Annual Church Conference (Kyrkokonferensen). This digital conference was challenging for both management and representatives. 

Recently, the Immanuel Church also hosted the Wheat grain days event (Vetekornsdagarna), with an affecting programme regarding the crises of our time, and the theme “Head, Body and Mind”. Our musicians were among the contributors, with musical interpretations for different lectures. It is possible to view the event on the Uniting Church in Sweden’s YouTube channel, and different items of the programme is gradually being published on the Immanuel Church’s Facebook page. 

Our own website is still under construction and it is with some sadness we note that it is still far from being ready. 

Regarding the personnel situation it is a strong need for a new Communication Officer and interviews are in progress. An increased crew for deacon work has been decided upon and has been advertised. The board also discussed how the change of function for the Principal of the Music school, in connection to retirement, is to be planned. It is a vast field of operations with a broad interface touching numerous people also outside the congregation. 

The chairman also reported from a good talk with the Portuguese language group, in connection to the conclusion of the project. 

A revised communication policy was approved. 

The financial results and the conditions for the congregation are for the time being good. During the year the offerings via Swish has worked, even though a slight decrease have been noticed in the beginning of the autumn. There has been personnel vacancies, but we hope to fill those positions soon. The Immanuel Church’s group of companies has of course a large setback in the hotel operations, but has also received public subsidies. The prognosis is reduced hotel operations also during the first half-year of 2021. 

Emma Darelid was elected vice chairperson of the board. Other elections: Hans-Olof Hagén, chairman of the Financial committee; Barbro Ericsson, chairwoman of the Personnel committee; Gunilla Hjelmåker, chairwoman of the Communication and Collection committee. 

Mission and aid was discussed with reference to, among other things, letters from the Christmas fair committee, which had decided to arrange an alternative Christmas fair with a digital collection for the benefit of our sister congregations. The wish was also that the congregation should cover a contribution to the Uniting Church in Sweden’s international operations, which was decided. 

The Uniting Church in Sweden has also initiated a work in regards to concentration of aid to chosen countries. The congregation will answer a questionnaire. 

Work with a new operational plan has been initiated and the different councils have started the process with evaluation and input for the upcoming period. 

A decision was made to hold a congregational meeting November 22, with possibilities to learn more about the information the congregation received from the Equmenia club (Equmeniaföreningen) at the Annual meeting. Furthermore, information about conclusion of the project regarding integration of the Portuguese fellowship, budget, and planning for decision of calling pastor Esther Kazen. 

The meeting was concluded with gratitude and prayer.