Being Church in the Time of Corona!

Updated 20 nov: The church is more than a building with its walls and roof. It is the group of believers with Jesus Christ at the centre that makes up God’s church.

The new restrictions from the Public Health Agency are now coming into force. There is no other conclusion for us to reach than to close the church premises again for the immediate future and at least up until January 17th 2021.

All activities that occur in the church are affected. We continue to broadcast Sunday services and maintain contact by phone and digital media.

Our denomination Equmenia is advising all churches to refrain from gathering for services and other meetings in the regions where the new advice has come into force. It is our responsibility to follow this advice. According to the Public Health Agency, the goal is to stop local outbreaks of covid-19.

The congregational information meeting set for November 22nd will be a digital meeting. For links to the meeting, see separate announcement.

Thankfully we are now in a totally different situation compared to March this year. We have established our YouTube channels. We are on Facebook and Instagram. We have learned how to used the different digital media at our disposal. You have all continued to contribute to the tythes and offerings to the church in a fantastic way via Swish. Thank-you! We have been creative in making safe groupings, even if we right now need to lay lower even with these groups as well.

Stephen James, chair person
Ulla Marie Gunner, senior pastor

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