Report from the Board 21 March 2019

• Auditor Jonas Grahn visited the meeting. He informed about the auditors’ way of working and that they did not see any major deviations in this year’s audit. The auditors believe that it gives a true and fair view, both of the congregation’s finances and current routines.

• Mats Engen reported a good year for the Immanuel Group. The Annual report was accepted and gratefully submitted.

• The church’s Annual report shall contain major events during the past year. It should, in a broad way, describe the church’s ministry in both text and numbers. This year’s Annual report largely corresponds to the Ministry action plan and describes how priority areas have been managed, together with some major events in the ministry. The Board found this to be a good description and the report was submitted in order to be distributed to interested parties, for instance at the Annual meeting.

• It is the Board’s task to appoint three representatives representing the owner in Probita’s Board. At the meeting the following persons were proposed and elected: Hans-Olof Hagén, Mats Bernö and Roelof Hansman. Furthermore, the following persons were elected to the Board of Probitas: Sven Mannervik, Erik Berglund, Claes Ericsson, Bo Ingemarson, David Nilsson and Karin Sandström.

• Election to the Board of IFAB, Immanuelskyrkans Förvaltnings AB, also took place at the meeting. The following persons were elected: Sven Mannervik, Mats Bernö, Anders Claesson, Göran Johansson and Hans-Olof Hagén

• Kjell Walfridsson was elected lay auditor in Probitas.

• Probitas’ Annual meeting will be held in Immanuel Church on 25 April. As representative of the owner Stephen James, Chair of the church Board, was elected.

• No motions have been submitted to the Annual meeting. The Board discussed how it is possible to stimulate discussions on important issues in the church. A starting point for this can be the report from the Democracy group, which Ulla Marie Gunner will present at the May Board meeting.

• Ulla Marie Gunner reported on a first meeting with the new and expanded management team. This consists of the Senior Pastor, Head of administration, Lead Pastors in the different language groups, Head of property and service, and Coordinator of the work with children and youth. This is how the management group looks right now, but UMG emphasised that they are looking for ways to find effective, sustainable forms in this work.

• Claes Jonsson gave an update on “Immanuel 2.0”, a project, still at the idea stage, about how Immanuel will reach out to new groups and become a renewed, relevant city church. It was decided to develop a project plan for a thorough analysis work, as well as for organisation and budget, before further decisions are made on implementing the project.

• The Board had invited the Chair of the Swedish Council to its meeting in February. The Councils are important actors in the congregation’s life, and close contact and cooperation between Board and Councils is essential for the congregation’s development. In today’s meeting the Board decided to invite the Chair of the International Council to its May meeting, and the Chair of the Korean Council to its meeting in June.

• Reports:

Equmenia: focuses on scouting and works on recruiting members. Three scout events will be organised during the spring.

The Communication and collection sub-committee: On 3 April the sub-committee will visit the Swedish Council in order to inform about their work and seek to coordinate ideas and thoughts. There is a discussion in the committee about how offerings can be fed back to all the donors of the congregation. We believe this is a key to increased giving and commitment.

The Senior Pastor: UMG is working on a report to the Annual meeting on 28 April, where the focus is on the Ministry action plan’s four priority areas. The report is being processed and will give the congregation a broad picture of what is happening in the different areas.
Marco Helles will have a photo exhibition in the church, with opening on 7 April.

• Upcoming meetings:

On 7 April, after the worship services, the Board candidates will be interviewed. There will also be stations with information about the Annual report and Ministry action plan.

The Annual meeting will take place on 28 April, and the next Board meeting will be the constituent meeting held directly after the Annual meeting.