Report from the Board 21 February 2019

• The first report at the meeting was given by Jonas Gustafsson, chair of the Swedish Council. He presented an interim report on the Council’s review of the Swedish ministry. He informed about ongoing activities that are not always visible, like various activities among children and young people.
The number of joint worship services between the two Swedish groups (at 11 am and 4 pm) is increasing and there is a desire of increased affinity.
”Songs from Immanuel” is a writing effort whose production of songs can be used in the worship services.
Four Saturdays during the year breakfasts will be organized about the church’s present and future. The next breakfast will take place on 23 March, Ulf Bergsviker will participate.

The challenges were exemplified by the following:
Children and young people have a weaker connection to the worship groups today than before. The children need to be made visible and meetings between generations need to be strengthened.
Many of the church’s former confirmands have been ”lost”.
People between thirty five and fifty are a languishing group in the worship service.
The review initiated by the Council will continue and further reports will come.

• The Election committee for the Board of Probitas has started its work. It consists of Dan Svanell, Ingvar Kvaernes, Birgitta Almhed and Peter Dobers. Three guidelines characterize the work of the committee: gender equality, rejuvenation and competence.
The Election committee will submit name proposals to the church Board on 21 March.

• Current members of IFAB’s Board will be contacted regarding continued work efforts.

• The congregation’s organisational plan is under review. This is about organisation, structure and staffing and the work is done to ensure sufficient resources in the right place and to get a budget in balance in 2020. The work continues and will return to the Board’s table.

• Mats Engen informed about the upcoming Annual report. The mission activities report a very good year with reduced costs and increased revenues in the form of gifts and offerings. The result is SEK 1.5 million better than budget. The total result is SEK -186 million, i e SEK 200,000 better than budget.

• By 21 February no motions had been received to the Annual meeting.

• The issue that was initiated at the last Board meeting on the relationship between the Board and the Swedish Council was discussed further. Continued discussions with the Councils were considered prioritised and resulted in the proposal that all three Councils will meet the Board, together and separately, twice a year in well-prepared discussions.


The Head of administration reported that there are now twenty new hearing aids in the main sanctuary. He also reported that there have been some disturbances on the church square and in the hotel – several visitors had to be evicted. Annual accounts, Annual report and Administrative report are underway. A new sign for the church’s entrance is underway and the work with other external signs has taken steps forward.

The Communication and collection sub-committee reported from a meeting with those responsible for children and youth. The last two Sundays in March children and youth will be profiled in the worship services, also with regard to offerings. The same thing will happen at the confirmation weekend in September, with emphasis on confirmation. An article about offering is published in the latest issue of the magazine Immanuel.

The Personnel sub-committee reported on major staff changes. The church has employed Isak Wang, IT responsible, and Christina Lindén, strategic communicator. Jakob Molander has finished his job, and also Eva Ottosson, who has retired. Elin Morén’s temporary job has expired and Bibbi Ydrefors is employed for a 20% temporary job until 15 June. Robin Taubert will take parental leave from August until the end of the year.

The next Board meeting will take place on 21 March. On 7 April there is a congregational meeting, and on 28 April the congregation will hold its Annual meeting.