Report from the Board 7 June 2018

• The meeting was opened with prayer.

• Pastor Claes-Göran Ydrefors gave a report on the Annual Meeting of the Uniting Church in Sweden that was held in Gävle from 10–12 May 2018. The conference hosted 600 delegates from 287 congregations. In total, around 800 persons attended the conference. Immanuel Church sent 10 delegates to Gävle. The conference operated according to the consensus method (see our website for more information). There was a lot of interaction on the “dialogue square” around the climate motion that our church made to the meeting. The motion was well received. It was decided i.a. that next year’s conference in Jönköping would be “climate-smart”. There was significant discussion around the church’s budget towards the international ministry. Also, the fact that the church’s communication department was moved to Gothenburg raised some questions. Seven deacons and eleven pastors were ordained to ministry.

• Hanna Peterson has been employed 20% during 2018 to lead a project about the church’s digital communication. The project group is seeking to address digital communication issues in a holistic way and develop a strategy. This includes choice of channels, message, redesign of the website, a possible app, social media etc. The work is based on existing documents such as the communication policy, the ministry action plan and the current situation analysis now made based on surveys etc. The group will also review how the church’s e-newsletter and magazine should be used in the future. And what the role of the new Head of Communications, who will be employed in February 2019 following the retirement of our current member of staff, should be. The group will work on the following two questions during the summer: How can the congregation reach all with the gospel and specify a redesign of the website. The work that Hanna Peterson and “her” group are doing now is being handed over to a new Head of Communications in February 2019.

• The Finance committee reported that the church’s finances are more or less balanced. From the month of June, we will have caught up.

• The result of the mission ministry is according to budget.

• The newly built Communications and Fundraising committee was “manned” with Peter Dobers, Hans-Olof Hagén and Gunilla Hjelmåker. The committee was also given the possibility to involve advisors who are non-Board members and to invite our staff member for communications.

• The Personnel committee reported that there will be more content to report on after the committee’s meeting next week.

• The Board of Probitas will meet next week and a report will follow.

• Ulla Marie Gunner received the support from the Board to apply for project funds with the Uniting Church in Sweden for the ministry among Portuguese speakers. This group currently consist of around 20 adults and 10 children.

• A conversation was held about the church’s annual report, its form and areas of use. It was decided that Head of Administration Mats Engen and Senior Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner will work on a simpler version of the report.

• During the autumn (date TBA), the Board and the Councils will meet to get to know one another, exchange information and do some planning.

• It was decided that the next congregational meeting will be held 19 August. The main agenda item will be information about a new Lead Pastor for the Swedish ministry. A letter to all members of the congregation will be sent out before the summer.

• The Chairman, the Senior Pastor and the Head of Administration all gave reports on their areas of responsibility.

• Another decision was made to complement the nomination committee with Patrick Amofah, Ann-Margret Bergman and Kristoffer Ristima. The task of this committee is to propose the election committee. 

The next Board meeting will be held on 30 August.