Report from the Board 27 September 2018

• The Head of administration reported that revenue in general is in line with budget. Net financial income is in phase and the result is in order. The investment portfolio has increased, unrealised profit of SEK 3 million – however, this lacks value until it is realised. Altogether, in the different worship groups, gifts and collections are also around budget, even a little over. However, work needs to be done in the Swedish group, which, if isolated, is below budget, compared with the previous year.
There is currently a financial review of the church’s music school. It has previously been decided that it should be financially self-supporting, except for the two 25 percent positions (principal and administrator) which are funded by the congregation.
On the revenue side, an increase of approximately two hundred thousand SEK is estimated. The Board stressed that the solution to financial worries today is not in a bigger withdrawal from Probitas. A unanimous Board stated that “first we must decide what we want to be, then how to finance it.”

• The Communication and Collection sub-committee reported on the forthcoming church fee campaign, a meeting with the Digital Communication project and on deaconry as the focus area of collection in November.
Swish as a way of giving will be clearly noticed as the Swish number will be shown on display in connection with collections in the service.
The sub-committee will meet the church’s management group and pastors on 3 October.

• The personnel sub-committee is now engaged in recruiting a strategic communicator.
There are discussions with the Swedish Council regarding the recruitment of a head pastor.
The International fellowship is waiting for information when Melindi Pretorius, new music director, can be in place.
There was information that the overall wage increase this year is two percent.

• Claes Jonsson presented his thoughts on ”Immanuel 2.0”. His thoughts can be summarized in a long-term project to develop Immanuel to become relevant for the modern city population. This concerns mainly the Swedish fellowship, which has stagnated to some degree. Claes sees a future of flourishing worship, generations together, a keen city church with an important mission.

• Ulla Marie Gunner reported from discussions with the Swedish Council. An inventory of the present situation is currently being done by the Council. Today we know that in ten years the Swedish 11.00 worship service has fallen by 25 percent and that the worship service at 16.00 has more than halved. This is worrying, but the good thing is that people have begun longing for something new. Discussions will be conducted throughout the Swedish group about vision and future.

The two previous items were discussed together and the Board decided to ask Claes Jonsson and Ulla Marie Gunner to jointly, for the next Board meeting, formulate how we can proceed on this urgent issue. How can an initial study be organised? How do we keep the balance between operational activities and projects? What will be the next step.

• Mats Engen announced that an analysis of the development of the music school in recent years is underway. It seems that the problem is currently in number of pupils versus staff costs – the music school does not have the maximum number of students. The analysis goes on and the goal is a balanced budget for the music school in 2019.

• In response to a letter from SIRA, the Swedish International Relief Association, Stephen James and Ulla Marie Gunner were asked to communicate that Immanuel Church will continue to contribute an annual SEK 50,000.

• Mats Engen presented Team Engine, a Board platform which has been purchased by Probitas and which the Immanuel Board can join for free. The platform collects all Board material and provides increased security compared to current mail handling.
The Board decided to accept this offer.

• The Senior pastor informed about ”Mission Congo”. There will be a book release in the church on 4 October.
A successful “Panvel Run”, support event for our Indian sister church, has taken place in Humlegården. The result is expected to be very good, but we do not yet know exactly how big the sponsored sum will be.

• Report from Probitas’ Board:
There is an idea discussion on security and return, and the prioritisation between these. There are also thoughts of possibly expanding beyond the inner city.

• Report from Equmenia:
The activities are progressing as they should. However, the Board work has been interrupted for a while due to illness. But within a couple of weeks it will be resumed and there is every reason to look forward to the continued work of the Equmenia association in Immanuel.

The congregational meeting on 7 October will elect an Election committee. A joint Election committee will be chosen for the whole of the Swedish ministry.
The congregational meeting will also receive a financial report, and a seven-minute film about the Immanuel janitors will be shown.