Report from the Board 18 October 2018

• A report from the Digital Communication project was given by project leader Hanna Zuring Peterson. The work will, amongst other things, lead to a new website which will be launched in spring 2019. The project is moving forward and already in November the budget will be presented together with a general communication plan. A sketch of the new website will be presented in December.

• The Financial sub-committee reported that the ministry revenue (gifts and offerings) overall is well above budget. Operational income, on the other hand, is below budget, which may be adjusted in the latter part of the autumn. At the November Board meeting the budget is one of two major issues.

 • The Communication and Collection sub-committee reported that the church fee campaign is on track and that from now on it is easy to join the church fee system via the website. The next collection focus is the church’s social welfare work starting Sunday, 11 November, when deaconry is the theme of the joint worship service.

• The Personnel sub-committee is in an intensive work period right now, not least in view of the recruitment of a new leader for the Swedish fellowship after Claes-Göran Ydrefors, who will retire.
Recruitment of a strategic communicator and a graphic designer will also begin. The Board discussed the scope of the positions and the Personnel sub-committee will return to this matter after its next meeting. From now on Ingrid Östlund will be included in the Personnel sub-committee.

• Ulla Marie Gunner reported that the Uniting Church (Equmeniakyrkan) has granted contribution for a half-time position for one year. This is intended for start-up work, focusing on integration, in the Portuguese/Spanish worship group. Pastor Ivani Ahlberg will continue to develop the plan for integration work with the Swedish worship group.

• A discussion day for the church’s Councils and Board will take place on 10 November. The purpose of the day is to meet and create opportunities for dialogue, to increase knowledge about the current situation in Immanuel Church’s various ministries and to draw up ideas, identify needs and plan with regard to development, opportunities and challenges, based on the ministry action plan.

• What shall Immanuel Church be? How shall the congregation function in order to be interesting and relevant in a modern big city? These questions are included in what has been called “Immanuel 2.0”. Claes Jonsson and Ulla Marie Gunner will provide a basis for the Board’s November meeting for further decision. The Board’s thoughts on structure, content and funding will be presented to the congregation at the congregational meeting on 13 January.

• How has the church’s involvement in Löjtnantsgården/huset developed? What were the visions when the house was built and what do we see now? Claes Jonsson and Ingrid Östlund are in the middle of a review – they are reading documents and interviewing people with insight into the matter. They will revert to the Board later on.

• Mats Engen reported that the work on balancing the music school’s finances is in progress. A prognosis of this year’s results will be available shortly.

• The Senior pastor reported from several activities, but especially mentioned the Panvel Run, a support event for our sister church in India. Until today SEK 83,000 have been received towards the building project of the Panvel church.
“Uppdrag Kongo (Mission Congo) – the story about an artwork” was recently launched at a well-attended meeting.
The work on the annual report has started.
On the website there is now a text that increases the clarity regarding the apartments owned by Probitas and how one can register for the different types of accommodation.
Ulla Marie Gunner also informed that she and Anna Berndes will share responsibility for the Swedish fellowship until there is a long-term solution for a lead pastor.

• The Board of the Equmenia association met last week after a longer break. They are positive towards “Immanuel 2.0” and have developed a new schedule for scouting, consisting of three to five gatherings in the spring, ending with a hike. Tobias expressed the need for a scout chief and welcomed proposals.

• From 153 an influx of new people in the worship service was reported.

• The Uniting Church (Equmeniakyrkan) asks its congregations for proposals for suitable new members for the Church Board. The proposals should be handed in by 31 December.• The next congregational meeting in Immanuel Church will take place on 13 January.