Report from the Board 17 May 2018

• This Board meeting was the first meeting for the new Board. The Chair, Stephen James, welcomed everyone and expressed his expectation and hope for a good Board climate and fruitful cooperation for the forthcoming term of office.

• Senior Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner promised to come back with a report from the Church conference 2018 at the next meeting, on 7 June.

• The church’s new Head of Administration, Mats Engen, presented himself and his background as a business leader. He has worked in various capacities within finances, administration, HR and IT. He has a background in sports and sees it as an important role to be a coach for employees. The Board welcomed Mats Engen.

• The publication about the church’s missionary activities, ordered by the Board, is now being prepared by the editor Görel Byström Janarv. The texts are ready and the book will be published by Votum publishing house at the beginning of October 2018. The book gives various perspectives on mission and will be printed in 500 copies. The selling price is not yet fixed.

• Tobias Olsson reported that the goal of the Equmenia association is an overall responsibility for the congregation’s work among children and youth. The association is now one year old and the preliminary formal work has been completed. “Time to be practical and really contribute”. There are plans to start Scouting in the autumn of 2018.

• Report from the Finance sub-committee: The situation is ok, but the revenue side needs to be strengthened. The stock market did not go up, staff costs are close to the ceiling, collections in the Swedish worship group do not look as good as in the other groups.

• The Personnel sub-committee reported that a musician for the International fellowship has now been appointed. The new staff member is called Melindi Pretorius. Melindi is 27 years old and a music teacher from Durban, South Africa. Recruitment of a lead pastor for the Swedish fellowship is also in progress.

• There is a proposal to transform the Communication sub-committee into a Communication and Collection sub-committee. This is to highlight collection work, communicate needs and results and further motivate joint responsibility for joint decisions. Guidelines for staffing the sub-committee and how it will work will be presented and discussed at the next Board meeting.

• The Ministry and Organisation sub-committee was dissolved and it was decided that matters within this area should be dealt with by ad hoc groups.

• Evaluation of the Annual meeting: The Board noted that the new forms for the Annual meeting were good, but fine-tuning is needed. The Annual meeting was too long, despite “pre-meetings”. At the same time it was stressed that the Annual meeting is an open forum, not just an opportunity to hammer through already made decisions. The evaluation will continue in the Democracy and participation group.

• Discussion about Löjtnantsgården, proposed by Hans-Olof Hagén: What does the church want with the diaconal ministry at Löjtnantsgården? The conditions for the work have changed – we no longer have the same control over which people are admitted as residents. The discussion will continue at forthcoming meetings.

• GDPR Policy: The Board decided to approve the proposed documents that the church’s office has prepared for the protection and integrity of personal data, according to the EU legislation which will commence on 25 May. The new legislation applies to the handling of personal data for adults as well as for children (under the age of 15). The documents are available on the church’s website.

The next Board meeting will take place on 7 June.