Minutes from the Congregational meeting in Immanuel Church 7 October 2018

Present: about 50 members

§ 1 Opening of the meeting

The congregation’s Chair Stephen James welcomed everyone and prayed a prayer.

The meeting was declared open.

§ 2 Election of secretary

Ingrid Östlund was elected secretary of the meeting.

§ 3 Election of verifiers

Daniel Bengtsson and Maud Ackeberg were elected to verify the minutes.

§ 4 Agenda

The agenda was approved and no other questions were announced.

§ 5 Election of Nominating committee for the Annual meeting 2019

The meeting elected the following persons, according to the proposal presented by Lois Hemgren:

Common Nominating committee

Karin Pettersson, Convenor

Arne Berg

Isaac Nyarko

Chung-Soon Yoon

Specific Nominating committee for the Swedish fellowship

Arne Berg, Convenor

Anders Berndes

Christina Eriksson

Mikael Ivarsson

Margareta Hellman

Göran Kollberg

Specific Nominating committee for the International fellowship

Isaac Nyarka, Convenor

Hannah Akuffo Britton

Eugene Bushayija

Beatrice Otiato

Terri Bhat

Specific Nominating committee for the Korean fellowship

Chung-Soon Yoon, Convenor

Soo-Hong Jin

Mi-Hye Kim

Mi Young Jean

§ 6 Information from the Uniting Church of Sweden (Equmeniakyrkan)

The Church conference 2019 will have the theme “To the end of the earth” and will take place in Jönköping 29 May – 2 June. Nomination of representatives of the church will begin.

There was an invitation to nominate Regional Church leaders for region West and North.

§ 7 Information from the Board

• Stephen James presented Mats Engen, Head of administration since May 2018. Mats told about his work experience, as well as the challenges and opportunities he has seen so far.

Mission – Congo: The story about an artwork, edited by Görel Byström-Janarv, has been published in 500 copies. The cost is 200 kr. The book was launched on 4 October and has already attracted great interest and demand.

• Stephen again emphasised the opportunity to follow the Board work through the website. For instance, it can now be noted that the Board wants to further deepen the discussion around Löjtnantsgården, and especially its diaconal dimension. Further, a reflective work has begun under the work name Immanuel 2.0. The starting point is the negative trend we have seen in the number of visitors, especially in the Swedish worship services.

There was a remark that it is important to clarify the difference between Löjtnantsgården as care home and the tenants of Löjtnantshuset.

• The congregation’s Annual meeting will take place on 28 April 2019. This is later than usual, due to Easter and Easter holidays.

• The Board requests motions to be submitted preferably before 17 February 2019, in order to give time for translation work.

§ 8 Any other business

There were no other questions.

§ 9 Film show ”The Janitors”

The film is a special project for high school by Olliver Råstam and Axel Jörbeck. During 8 minutes we get to follow the janitors of Immanuel church in their work. The meeting asked Ulla Marie to convey greetings and thanks to Olliver and Axel, as well as to the janitors Ingvar Engberg and Leif Björk.

§10 Conclusion

The Chair Stephen James declared the meeting closed, after a prayer by Ulla Marie Gunner.

Secretary: Ingrid Östlund

Minutes approved by: Stephen James (Chair), Daniel Bengtsson, Maud Ackeberg