Minutes from the Congregational meeting in Immanuel church 18 February 2018

Present: about 30 members

§ 1 Welcome

The congregation’s Chair, Marco Helles, welcomed everyone and prayed a prayer.

§ 2 Opening of the meeting

The Chair declared the meeting open.

§ 3 Election of secretary

Maria Linder was elected secretary of the minutes.

§ 4 Election of verifiers

Ingegerd Berg and Anita Isaksson were elected to verify the minutes.

§ 5 Agenda

The agenda was approved

§ 6 Election of representatives to annual meetings and conferences

The congregation’s joint Election committee consists of Kjell Walfridsson (Chair), Mikael Ivarsson, Claes E. Jonsson, Mark Tatlow, Debora Sugiaman Trapman, Suna Brunnsäter, Chung-Soon Yoon, Anders Wennlund, Kristoffer Ristinmaa (adjunct). The committee is made up of the chair and one person from each fellowship’s election committee.

The Election committee’s proposal for representatives to annual meetings and conferences was presented:

The Council of free churches in Stockholm, 22 March

Anna Berndes

Bilda, region east, 14 April

Ann-Margret Bergman

Suna Brunnsäter

Emma Darelid, substitute

The organisation Hela Människan in Stockholm’s province, 16 April

Anna-Carin Stenbäck

Monica Ahlberg

Agneta Selander, substitute

The organisation Sociala Missionen, 16 April

Anders Segersson

Chung-Soon Yoon

Egle Ampah Korsah

Kristoffer Ristinmaa

Johannes Nilsson

The Annual meeting of the Uniting church in Gävle, 10-12 May

Gunilla Hjelmåker (convenor)

Claes-Göran Ydrefors

Debora Sugiaman Trapman

Johnny Jonsson

Kee-Sook Julia Hahn

Kjell Walfridsson

Lina Mattebo

Margoth Sonnebo

Mikael Ivarsson

Mirjam Olsson


Chris Peterson

Paulina Fröling

The Uniting church’s Council of trustees for the Stockholm region

Johnny Jonsson

The congregation decided according to the proposal.

§ 7 Information about the Annual meeting process and timetable

Senior pastor Ulla Marie Gunner reported that the Democracy and Participation group has been working on the task of updating the forms of the Annual meeting, which so far have been quite long-winded. There will be more information in the next church magazine.

Information about the Annual meeting will be shared on two Sundays in advance of the meeting. On Sunday 8 April and 15 April the documents will be available on the church square, so that as few documents as possible need to be sent by post.

On 8 April the Election committee will present the candidates to the Board and the Councils – therefore this presentation will not take place at the Annual meeting, but will be available in printed form. On this Sunday there will be opportunity to ask questions and talk with the candidates.

On 15 April there will be ‘stations’ for various issues of the Annual meeting, such as the annual report and ministry action plan, where members can ask questions to experts so that less time is spent on this at the Annual meeting.

On Thursday 19 April the companies will present their results and future plans.

Lasse Svensson will take part in the worship service prior to the Annual meeting on 22 April. At the Annual meeting there will first be a short presentation of last year’s activities and finances in Congressen. After this lunch will be served in Paus, where decisions about the Election committee’s proposals will be made, and then the motions will be discussed in Congressen. There will be opportunities to discuss matters in smaller groups, depending on what those who attend desire. Moving between the rooms and discussions in smaller groups will certainly take some time, but will also give more energy.

The interpreter group should be informed if interpretation is needed at all the meetings in April: all the documents should be available in both Swedish and English.

§ 8 Any other business

A question had been received from the church’s Environment group, represented by Anders Berndes, who presented a motion which the group had sent to this year’s Church conference. This point will be discussed at the next congregational meeting on 18 March.

§ 9 Conclusion

Ulla Marie Gunner prayed a prayer and the Chair declared the meeting closed.

Secretary: Maria Linder

Minutes approved by Marco Helles (Chair), Ingegerd Berg, Anita Isaksson