Report from the Board meeting on 15 June 2017

Board members present: Marco Helles, Stephen James, Kristina Gustafsson, Margoth Sonnebo, Hans-Olof Hagén, Berit Ghavidel Rostami, Vida Afua Attah, Joel Dutt, Rachel Norborg Jerkeby and Gunilla Hjelmåker
Representative from Equmenia Immanuel Stockholm: Maria Linder
Ex officio: Ulla Marie Gunner, Anette Engkvist, Cathrin Sjöström


• The chair reported i.a. that protest letters re: the plans for the Nebulosan housing block are still coming in. The Board repeats its position that decisions on issues related to real estate are made by the Board of Probitas, not the Church Board.
• The Senior Pastor reported that Åsa Steholt Vernerson has been elected as the new CEO for Berling Media AB. Steholt Vernerson is currently CEO for Gleerups, one of the companies in the Berling group, and will keep this role alongside her new responsibility as CEO of the whole group. A new CEO is now being recruited for the book publishing company Verbum. (Note from the translator: the Berling group is a publishing company that amongst others publishes Sändaren, a Christian magazine that covers news in Equmeniakyrkan.) Ulla Marie Gunner also gave a short report of the Annual Church Conference in Vårgårda. There was a good atmosphere among the delegation of 10 from our church as well as at the whole conference. The new method for decision making based on consensus worked well and was positively received.
• The Head of Administration reported that the result for our mission work for the period January – May is largely on budget. She also reported that the computer server used for the financial and salary pay systems is being replaced. Shortly, these systems will be running on the Hogia Cloud. Anette Engkvist was asked to ensure the security and privacy, first and foremost for the salary pay system.
• The Personnel Committee gave a report on the ongoing recruitment of an Associate Pastor with focus on Immanuel International. Many applications were sent in and a thorough selection process has been started.
• Equmenia Immanuel Stockholm. Chair, Maria Linder, gave a report on extensive upcoming changes in the work with the prioritised area “children, youth, young adults and families”. The plans will be further discussed at an extra Board meeting on 24 August when representatives from the Swedish Council, Immanuel Unga, Equmenia Immanuel Stockholm and its board will be present.

The ministry action plan was the topic for discussion when the different councils and the Board met on 8 June. The meeting was a step in the process of consolidating the plan, making it more concrete and dividing responsibilities. Some matters were discussed more in depth, such as the creation of a mentorship programme in the church. A new meeting around the ministry action plan (map) is planned on 12 November.

Our democratic structures, the Annual Meeting. Questions regarding the Annual Meeting as the way forward were discussed. How do we engage more people? Why do we present the annual report in the form of an extensive publication? How do we use it? Have the “stories” in the annual report every other year? Should we have the ministry report in the shape of new media at the annual meeting? Re-evaluate the way in which the annual meeting is conducted to save time! How do we strengthen democracy in the church? We decided to continue this discussion at the Board retreat in September. It was also decided that each Board member contributes with two names to a democracy group that shall be formed. The names shall be passed on to Ulla Marie Gunner before 15 August.

Guidelines for the work of the Finance Committee. We decided to accept the guidelines after two small corrections.

Ownership directives to Probitas AB for the year 2018. It was decided, in accordance with the proposal by the Finance committee, to determine an ownership directive for Probitas AB for the year 2018 of 20 MSEK.

Care company. The Board has received a letter from the company board for Immanuelskyrkans Vård AB. In it, the current state of affairs and future strategies for the care company are discussed. The Board decided that this matter shall be discussed in the next meeting.

Follow up of the music investigation. The music group invites to a continued conversation about music in the congregation on Sunday 3 September, at 1 p.m.

Important dates

The Board meets the Council on 12 September
The next common Board meeting is on 14 September
The Board gathers for a retreat on 29–30 September