Report from the Board 21 January 2017

Board members present: Marco Helles, Stephen James, Margoth Sonnebo, Hans-Olof Hagén, Rachel Norborg Jerkeby, Gunilla Hjelmåker, Lina Mattebo, Peter Dobers, Kristina Gustafsson and Mats Bernö.
Ex officio: Cathrin Sjöström.

Board weekend about the operational plan

On 20–21 January the Board met for a weekend about the vision and ministry of Immanuel church. The focus was on preparing for the congregational meeting on Sunday 22 January, where a so called world café will take place as part of the forthcoming operational plan.

Personnel changes

An ad is out for the post of manager for real estate and service. The Board has decided to propose to the congregation to employ Karin Fritzon as pastor at halftime for a year. The wage costs are financed by funds including some from the Uniting Church.

Competence to Probitas’ Board

It is the Board of Immanuel church that elects the Board of Probitas, and the Board of Probitas in turn appoints the Boards of the subsidiaries. Because we own professional companies it is important to have competent Boards. The Board has earlier decided to mandate Dan Svanell to propose candidates for Probitas’ Board and now includes Peter Dobers from the Board. Dan Svanell and Peter Dobers may also include others in this work if needed.

Question regarding groups and committees

The nominating committee has asked a question regarding groups and committees in the new organizational structure which was decided last autumn. To clarify, committees are common for the whole congregation and shall consist of members from all the three language groups, as far as possible. Groups are working with questions pursued by only one of the language groups. If a group wants to develop their activities to concern the whole congregation and involve all language groups, a committee can be formed. The Board wants to encourage such initiatives, for example within the music ministry and the diaconal work. There may also be project groups common for the congregation. There is a need to review the existing committees and groups and in what category the various ministries are part of.

Forthcoming meetings

The Board will meet next time on 16 February, then on 16 March and an extra meeting after the congregational meeting on 19 March regarding the operational plan.

Warm greetings from the Board