Report from the Board 19 October 2017

The chairman, Marco Helles, reported: 
He and the Senior Pastor of the congregation, Ulla Marie Gunner, had a meeting with Probitas chairman, vice-chairman and CEO concerning exchange of information and dialogue about current issues.

Senior Pastor:
• Reported about the assembly meeting that decided to call Peter Anderson as associate pastors for the international fellowship.
• A group celebrating worship in Portuguese, led by pastor Ivani Ahlberg, will meet in church a few sessions in the fall.
• The new concept of “Cohesive Sunday” with the role-play group, an activity for the slightly older children, is a success. On the other hand, we see a slightly smaller number of children in “Creative Sunday”

The members of the board reported:
The church tax campaign is in progress and it ends last Sunday in October.

Economy Committee:
Economy works according to plan with small exceptions. There are increased costs for the work with the sound system of the church.

Communications Committee:
What tasks are urgent in the future? Thoughts were raised about cooperation with other congregations, about use of social media, if the church building is too anonymous, and if the congregation should be more active in the field of opinion formation?

Personnel Committee:
• Åsa Ekstrand is deputy administrative director under Anette Engqvist’s sick leave, now at 80 percent and for four months.
• Berg Holmgren’s service has been extended until January 31, when we hope and believe that Peter Anderson will be in place.
• Our deacon Camilla Mattebo has resigned and does not return after her parental leave. New recruitment to this position will begin as soon as possible.
• Claes-Göran Ydrefors retires on December 31, 2018. The process of creating a profile for this position has started.
• Finally, the salary agreement with the Employers Alliance is clear. This agreement is three years.

The Ministry and Organizational Committee:
The committee is working on evaluating Löjtnantsgatan/gården ministries. Report will be submitted to the board’s November meeting.

Equmenia Immanuel Stockholm:
• Equmenia meets at regular intervals. Equmenia Immanuel’s chairman, Maria Linder, reported that at a meeting the music was in focus.
• Furthermore, it has been decided to work out a communication strategy and they have had a meeting about the launching of a scouting ministry. This is scheduled for spring 2018.

An audit committee:
This committee will review that the Board complied with both business plan and budget during the current year.

Democracy and participation:
A group will be appointed which is responsible for increasing the democratic participation in our decision-making meetings, such as the Assembly Meetings and the Annual Meeting. This group will consist of two people from each worship-celebrating group and one from Equmenia Immanuel. The group will be presented at the board meeting in November.

Nomination committee for Probitas:
Dan Svanell, Peter Dobers and Birgitta Almhed were appointed to form a nomination committee for election to Probitas’ board. They are free to add some more persons to assist in their work if they want to.

The Board decided on new, simplified guidelines for the Personell Committee’s work.

The Board meets with the language group councils on November 12. Partly to link closer and partly to inform each other about what is happening in the various worship groups.

The next board meeting will take place on November 16th.