Report from the Board 16 November 2017

The Board discussed the first draft budget for 2018. Personnel costs will increase as an Associate Pastor for the International fellowship will be appointed in 2018. The Board emphasised that the improvement of 3 million kronor in five years, i.e. an average of 600 000 kr per year, should be reflected in the budget through increased income and reduced costs. At the December meeting the leadership will revert with plans on how this will be carried out and also show the consequences of the decisions. It was also discussed how we could get a “free” pot in the ministry to strengthen the work with our priority areas.

The Chairman reported that Görel Byström Janarv has started with interviews and writing of the book about mission and the mural that was taken down.

The Senior pastor reported that it is time to start reviewing the website. It is five years since this was last done. A new website is expected to be launched in 2019.

The Ministry and Organisation committee reported that the investigation about Löjtnantsgården will soon be ready. The report will be discussed in more detail at the Board’s December meeting.

The Chairman presented the representatives who have agreed to form a Democracy and Participation group:
• From the Swedish 11 fellowship: Greger Hjelm, Camilla Vidäng
• From fellowship 153: Malin Elala, Mirjam Olsson
• From the Korean fellowship: Kee Sok Julia Hahn
• From the International fellowship: Deborah Trapman and one more person to be elected later
• From the Equmenia association Tobias Olsson

Convenor is Ulla Marie Gunner.

A Decoration group probably needs to be selected next year. The issue will be discussed at the forthcoming Board meeting in December.

From 1 January 2018 the Employers’ Alliance has a liability insurance for Board members. It is a collective insurance that can replace personal liability for the Board and leading decision makers (as long as the decisions have been made in accordance with good accounting practice, the statutes of the Congregation and the Board’s mission).

Diakonia’s share of the funds collected by the church towards mission was discussed after a Board member raised the issue. The issue will be considered later in January.

The next Board meeting will be on 14 December 2017.