Report from the Board 16 February 2017

Board members present: Marco Helles, Margoth Sonnebo, Lina Mattebo, Gunilla Hjelmåker, Patrick Amofah, Malin Emmoth, Mats Bernö, Vida Afua Attah, Hans-Olof Hagén, Kristina Gustafsson and Peter Dobers.
Ex officio: Ulla Marie Gunner, Anette Engkvist and Ingrid Jonsson, adjunct secretary at this meeting.

New Equmenia association

The Board meeting began with a visit by Maria Linder who has been involved in developing the new Equmenia association which will soon be founded in Immanuel church. She introduced herself and the proposed ministry plan and invited everyone to the Annual meeting on 5 March in Congressen. The Board welcomes this development and hopes that many people will attend the Annual meeting.

Budget tracking and Annual report for 2016

Anette Engkvist, Head of Administration, went through the budget tracking and the church’s annual report for 2016.
Gifts and offerings are over budget if a single gift of one million is included. The ministry revenues are on the plus compared with the budget. The total ministry costs are almost exactly on budget. The personnel costs are somewhat under budget, in spite of an unexpected cost for an old pension obligation. Depreciation costs exceed budget by 260,000 kronor, mainly due to purchase of new inventories for the church square in connection with the renovation, and because a different depreciation time has been chosen than what was planned in the budget. Financial income shows a positive net. At the end of the year the securities portfolio had a market value of 195.8 million kronor with an overvalue of 19.0 million kronor. The result on the last line is -431,000 kronor. The church’s budget for the year was in deficit with 0.7 million kronor and after a specific decision at the end of the year to sell a share which generated a capital loss of 0.7 million kronor, a deficit of -0.4 million kronor is reported for year 2016, in spite of the generous gift of a million kronor.

Inquiry of the activities at Löjtnantsgården and Löjtnantshuset

Following criticism from a member, the Board decided to launch an inquiry of the activities at Löjtnantsgården and Löjtnantshuset. The purpose is to connect the present activities with the intentions and visions that were there from the beginning and examine whether the present situation and reality match the original vision about
Löjtnantshuset. Furthermore, the inquiry will provide information on whether there are any issues around this and make suggestions on any new decisions. The inquiry will be led by the Ministry and Organisation committee.

The work on the Operational plan

The Board has summarised what came up at the congregational meeting on 22 January when members had the opportunity to give their suggestions to the Operational plan (the document can be downloaded from the website). The staff is now working on this and the leadership will give a proposal to the Board on 16 March. The Board will present the proposal at the congregational meeting on 19 March. Then there is an opportunity for the congregation to give input to the Board’s proposal before a decision is taken at the Annual meeting on 23 April. The Operational plan will be a three-year plan which will be reviewed every year.

Feedback on the music investigation

The Board has earlier decided on actions after the music investigation that took place last year. At the Annual meeting, Kristina Gustafsson, Chairman of the investigation, will give feedback to the congregation and tell them what has happened during the process.

The next Board meeting will be on 16 March, and after that an extra meeting about the Operational plan will take place on 23 March.

Warm greetings from the Board.