Report from the Board 14 December 2017

The Senior pastor reported that a Portuguese and Spanish speaking worship group will meet in the church’s chapel. This will be “tested” in the spring, starting on 21 January, under the leadership of pastor Ivani Ahlberg.

Hans-Olof Hagén of the Financial committee stated that the church’s finances now require special attention on costs in 2018. A revised draft budget was presented, based on priority areas. This proposal presents costs reduced by 700,000 kr. At the same time proposals were mentioned for improvement of earnings. Among other things, a working group will be convened to find synergies between the congregation and Probitas in economy and administration, if possible. The Board decided to adopt the budget for 2018.

The Personnel committee has given the church’s leadership the task of reviewing all positions for a forthcoming re-organisation. The proposal will be presented in the spring.

The Communication committee will present the basis for a discussion to the Board at the January meeting, regarding 1) display and external visibility of the church, and 2) the role of the church in the social debate on matters affecting the local congregation. A panel discussion about communication will take place on 7 February.

Probitas reports a very good result for 2017. With a stable economy, Probitas will now be renovating and improving its properties. Among other things, Probitas will be renovating the church roof, sport halls and Congressen in 2018.

A National meeting for the Equmenia associations has taken place. Important decisions include:
• to have a plan for youth with “gaming” as a hobby within three years.
• that the National Association has now signed the appeal “Vi står inte ut”, which regards unaccompanied young refugees.
• to find new forms and new opportunities for engaging young people between the ages of 20 and 25 years.

The Equmenia Board is also working on finding new ways to raise funds. It is also important to highlight scouting, to simplify the work of the Board and to increase the interest in democracy. On 25 March, Equmenia Immanuel Stockholm will hold its Annual meeting. Then a new chairman and a new vice chairman will be elected.

The church has a vacant half time deacon position. The Board decided to employ a person permanently for this post.

In connection with an inquiry about Löjtnantsgatan, and comments received from a member of the congregation, the role of the church with regard to the activities at Löjtnantsgatan was discussed (for instance which decisions regarding Löjtnantsgatan should be taken by the Board, what is the church’s mission for Löjtnantsgatan and what does the church want to see as its role in the future?). A group was appointed to produce the decision-making points directly related to the Board.

The Chairman of the congregation announced that after three years as Chairman and after a total of 12 years as Board member, he will take a break and will not be standing in the election to the Board at the Annual meeting 2018.

The next Board meeting will be on 18 January 2018.