Notes taken at the Congregational meeting in Immanuel church on 19 March 2017

Encl mentioned in the notes are not at the website.

Present: About 60 members

§ 1 Welcome

The Congregation’s Chair Marco Helles welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with prayer. As this was not a decision-making meeting, it was decided to only take notes and therefore no-one was appointed to verify the minutes.

§ 2 Agenda

In addition to a word of greeting and information about the meeting, the Ministry action plan was the main issue of the day.

§ 3 Greeting from the Equmenia association

Kim Lillskog, vice Chair of the newly formed association Equmenia Immanuel Stockholm, presented some brief information about the association. It was formed on 5 March and will have its first Board meeting on Wednesday 22 March.

The board of the Equmenia association’s first task will be to survey the ministry among children and youth throughout the whole of Immanuel church in order to see how the association can best be of help. The association aims to be an association for all the children and youth within the congregation. The association aims to help young people get involved through influencing, taking part in decsion-making, deepening their fellowship and growing in their faith in Jesus.

Kim expressed the desire of the Equmenia association’s board that the congregation should pray for them.

§ 4 Ministry action plan, encl. 1a and 1b

The Chair gave a summary of the Board’s work in developing a proposal for a Ministry action plan. This started last autumn when the Board had a joint meeting with the Councils. At the congregational meeting on 22 January members discussed the matter, expressed their opinions and made suggestions. There were then discussions with the leadership group, the staff and other groups.

The Chair stressed the fact that the Ministry action plan is a plan for the whole church, and that no part of it is only for a certain group or activity. It is based on the four priority areas previously decided upon by the congregation.

At the Board meeting on Thursday 23 March the final proposal for the Annual meeting will be formulated. The proposal for a Ministry action plan has been put together by the leadership group, on behalf of the Board. At its meeting on Thursday 16 March the Board presented its collected comments to the leadership and the version discussed today is the result of this.

The Chair handed over to the Senior pastor Ulla Marie Gunner.

Ulla Marie explained that the leadership group has listened to the opinions of the Councils, the Board, the Congregational meeting, staff, various groups and individuals. The result is more a directional document than a detailed plan. The leadership group has chosen a structure with introductory descriptions for each area in order to create a common understanding.

In this first Ministry action plan there are no measurable goals. These will be developed during the first year. It is the Board and the Councils who are ultimately responsible for the goals.

After this the members were divided into groups to discuss the latest proposal for a Ministry action plan. See encl. 1.

The groups then came together and presented their comments and suggestions. The leadership collected them and will review the document again based on these.

§ 5 Preparatory meeting on 9 May

On Tuesday 9 May at 18.00 there will be a preparatory meeting in preparation for the Church conference in Vårgårda, which will take place on 24-28 May 2017. Ulla Marie Gunner welcomed everyone to this meeting to find out what the Church conference will deal with this year and to be able to raise questions and opinions as a member. Gunilla Hjelmåker, convenor for the church’s representatives, will lead this meeting.

§ 6 Any other business

There was no other business.

§ 7 Conclusion

The Chair reminded members that the Annual meeting documents will be available on Sunday 9 April and that the Annual meeting will take place on Sunday 23 April. After that he closed the meeting with prayer.

Notes taken by

Cathrin Sjöström,