Minutes from the Congregational meeting in Immanuel church 26 November 2017

Present: about 50 members

§ 1 Opening of the meeting

The congregation’s Chairman Marco Helles welcomed everyone, prayed a prayer, and declared the meeting open.

§ 2 Election of verifiers

Rune Larsson and Gunilla Herlitz were elected to verify the minutes.

§ 3 Agenda

The agenda was approved.

§ 4 Election of Nominating committee for the Annual meeting on 22 April 2018

The Election committee consisted of Lois Hemgren (convenor), Mi-Hye Kim, Sophia Hober and Ulf Bergsviker. The committee has worked according to the same structure as in recent years: a common Nominating committee consisting of a chairman and two members from each fellowship, and also specific Nominating committees for each fellowship, consisting of two members from the common Nominating committee and a few other members.

The Election committee’s proposal for Nominating committees for the Annual meeting 2018 was presented:

Common Nominating committee

Kjell Walfridsson, convenor

Mikael Ivarsson

Claes Jonsson

Mark Tatlow

Debora Sugiaman Trapman

Sunna Suh-Brunnsäter

Chung-Soon Yoon

Anders Wennlund

Specific Nominating committee for the Swedish fellowship 11.00

Mikael Ivarsson, convenor

Claes Jonsson

Monica Ahlberg

Christina Eriksson

Anders Berndes

Specific Nominating committee for the International fellowship

Mark Tatlow, convenor

Debora Sugiaman Trapman

Hannah Akuffo Britton

Eugene Bushayija

Dogol Kidane

Specific Nominating committee for the Korean fellowship

Sunna Suh-Brunnsäter, convenor

Chung-Soon Yoon

Soo-Hong Jin

Mi-Hye Cho Kim

Mi Young Jeon

Specific Nominating committee for fellowship 153

Anders Wennlund, convenor

Kristoffer Restiinma

The congregation decided according to the proposal.

During this year’s nomination work it has become apparent that the Election committee should be elected earlier so that their work can start earlier. The Board therefore asks the three Councils to propose two persons from each fellowship for an Election committee for the Annual meeting 2018, so that the Election committee can be elected already then.

§ 5 The Democracy and Participation group

The chairman presented the names of the persons who have agreed to form a Democracy and Participation group:

Swedish fellowship 11.00: Greger Hjelm, Camilla Vidäng

Swedish fellowship 153: Malin Elala, Miriam Olsson

Korean fellowship: Kee Sok Julia Hahn

International fellowship: Debora Sugiaman Trapman and one more person

Equmenia: Tobias Olsson

Convenor: Ulla Marie Gunner

Adjunct as required: Marco Helles

The group will have its first meeting before Christmas and the aim is to primarily review the forms of the congregation’s Annual meeting. The group was asked to also focus on how the younger members could be attracted to attend congregational meetings and Annual meetings.

§ 6 Information on the publication about mission and the mural that was taken down

The Chairman reported that Görel Byström Janarv has started both with interviews and writing of the publication about mission and the mural that was taken down. The goal is for the publication to be ready by the Annual meeting.

§ 7 Information about offerings

Ulla Marie Gunner informed that by 31 October gifts and offerings are SEK 100,000 over budget. It is very positive that the congregation gives more and thereby demonstrates greater commitment to the church even from a financial perspective.

§ 8 Information about two positions: music and deacon

The International fellowship is now seeking a musician of up to 75% service. There is already an advertisement on the church’s website.

The congregation was also informed that deacon Camilla Mattebo has decided to leave her job after her parental leave. This means that also a deaconal position of 50% will be advertised. Discussions are going on how this position will be formulated.

Regarding the procedure for our new pastor, Pete Anderson, it was announced that all documents have been submitted to the Migration Board, both by Pete and the church. The hope is that Pete can start his work in mid-January 2018.

§ 9 Any other business

There were no other questions.

§ 10 Conclusion

Ulla Marie Gunner prayed a prayer and the Chairman declared the meeting closed.

Secretary: Cathrin Sjöström

Minutes approved by: Marco Helles (Chairman), Rune Larsson, Gunilla Herlitz