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This text was published first on 28 January, 2016. It can therefore contain information or views that is inaccurate. It is online for archival purposes.

Report from the Board 28 January 2016

Board members present: Marco Helles, Stephen James, Vida Afua Attah, Patrick Amofah, Malin Emmoth, Kristina Gustavsson, Lina Mattebo and Sungha Wendin.

Ex officio: Ulla Marie Gunner, Anette Engkvist and Cathrin Sjöström.

Continued work on a new budget process and ministry plan

The group appointed by the Board to develop a new budget process has begun its work. The aim is for the congregation to be more involved in the process, and for the ministry plan, which will be adopted at the Annual Meeting, to inform the distribution of resources.

Staff survey shows good results

The Personnel committee reported that the survey carried out among the Church staff shows very good results, above average in all areas. The strongest results are in the areas of well-being, loyalty and motivation, while there are weaker results in the areas of stress, communication, goals and vision. The leadership team will now go ahead with further improvements to the work environment.

The recruitment of a new lead pastor continues

The search committee for a new lead pastor for the International fellowship hopes to submit its proposal to the Board this spring, so that the new pastor can be installed in the autumn. They are happy that a number of good candidates applied; two are now under final consideration.

The music investigation has started

The group appointed by the Board to investigate music in the church has had three meetings. It is now making an inventory of the music represented in the church, its aim and what resources are needed. On 12 March church members who are interested will be invited to a discussion morning. The group expects to be able to present its report at the Annual meeting.

Decision about the proposed new constitution

During the autumn a group appointed by the Board revised the church’s constitution, mainly because – as previously reported – congregations that were previously members of the Covenant Church are now members of the Uniting Church – Equmeniakyrkan. The Board decided to submit the group’s final proposal to the congregational meeting on 31 January. The plan is then to take a first vote on the new constitution at the congregational meeting on 13 March, and a second vote at the Annual meeting on 17 April. Church members will be able to present additional items for consideration by the Board until 14 February.

Two proposals regarding the mural in the café

Members submitted two different proposals to the congregational meeting on 31 January regarding the Board’s decision to remove Sigfrid Södergren’s mural in the café. The Board considers that one of the proposals should be studied further, namely to produce a publication about our missionary heritage based on the mural. A committee will therefore be appointed to suggest the contents and costs of such a publication.

Nominating committee should suggest long term solutions

The Board of Immanuel church elects members to the Board of Probitas. In order to develop this process the church Board decided to appoint a nominating committee to work for long-term solutions through the proposal of suitable candidates for the Probitas Board.

Staff matters

The Board decided to confirm the 75% employment of the church housekeeper Daniel Nilsson until further notice.

Changed dates for Board meetings in 2016

After the Annual meeting the Board will meet as follows:
12 May
2 June
14 June (meeting with pastors and deacons)
25 August
30 September-1 October (Board weekend)
6 October
17 November
15 December

The next Board meeting will be on 18 February.

All the best from the Board!