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This text was published first on 25 August, 2016. It can therefore contain information or views that is inaccurate. It is online for archival purposes.

Report from the Board 25 August 2016

Board members present: Marco Helles, Lina Mattebo, Peter Dobers, Gunilla Hjelmåker, Rachel Norborg-Jerkeby, Patrick Amofah, Mats Bernö, Kristina Gustavsson, Hans-Olof Hagén.
Ex officio: Anette Engkvist, Ulla Marie Gunner, Cathrin Sjöström.

Several staff changes this autumn

Steve Armfield and Amanda Detchman have completed their temporary positions in the International fellowship and Chris Peterson has started his work as lead pastor. Berg Holmgren will work with the international youth this autumn, but is still waiting for his work permit from Migrationsverket. For the time being Neil Bhat is helping out with the youth work.

Tobias Frelin is on leave of absence and Charlotte Höglund is back full time after half time leave of absence for a year. She will now be the main responsible for Creative Sunday. Fredrik Fidde Jonsson will be the main responsible for Swedish confirmation and work among teens, assisted by both Jacob Molander, who also will continue in Immanuel 153, and the new pastor Ulf Bergsviker.

Campaign for the church fee system

In order to encourage more members to give their church fee to Immanuel the members will receive information about the church fee in September and practical help in October. At present Immanuel church has about 375 church fee donors but about 1500 members. The group that is planning the campaign hopes that the number of donors will double during the campaign period.

Offerings are still too low

Administrative leader Anette Engkvist reported that we are half a million below budget with regard to gifts and offerings. The chairman of the Financial committee Hans-Olof Hagén has compared the disposable income in the Stockholm area with the development of the offerings in Immanuel church over a period of 10 years. The conclusion is that the disposable income has increased, but not the offerings. The Board and leadership are continuing to try to increase the offerings.

Gift to be used for current activities

At the beginning of the year Immanuel church received a gift of a million kronor. There were no conditions attached to the gift and at their latest meeting the Board asked the Financial committee to draft a proposal on how the gift should be handled in order to be of best use for the ministry of the church. The proposal is that the gift shall be used in the current activities of the church and contribute to cover the costs for new furnishings on the renovated church square. The Board agreed to the proposal of the Financial Committee.

Owner’s directive to Probitas AB in 2017

Like last year, the Board decided on an owner’s directive for a dividend of 20 million kronor from Probitas AB for the year 2017.

Changes in the guidelines for administration of the financial instruments of Immanuel church

The guidelines for the administration of the financial instruments of Immanuel church at present allow investments in shares of maximum 60 percent of the total value of the portfolio. But having in mind today’s situation with minus interest the Financial committee proposes a change in the guidelines which implies that the percentage be raised to 80 percent. There are still clear directives not to take risks in the administration. The Board accepted the proposal.

New directives regarding the music investigation

The chairman of the music investigation Kristina Gustavsson presented the final report of the group. The Board decided, on the basis of the music investigation’s conclusions, to ask the management to appoint a group that will investigate the following:
1. Draft proposals for savings in the concert activities corresponding to 100,000 kronor in the budget for 2017.
2. Give concrete proposals how the music in worship services and other contexts can be broadened with regard to genres.
3. Develop proposals where music resources in the form of finances, staff and volunteers are geared towards further prioritizing children, young people and families.
4. Review how we can make use of musical skills of members and friends that have so far not been developed.
5. Draft an overall presentation of the supply.

Decision about the purpose of dissolved Frescati foundation

The fundraising foundation Kyrka i Frescati was formed in 1994 with the aim to build a chapel on the campus of Stockholm’s university. This foundation will now be dissolved since it is no longer possible to fulfill the aim of the foundation. At the dissolution the assets, about 300,000 kronor per founder, shall be used for church activities among students and staff of Stockholm’s university and colleges. The Board decided to mandate the chairman and vice chairman of the Board and the leadership to formulate purposes for which Immanuel church can use the money.

Board weekend postponed

The Board weekend which was planned in September will be postponed to the spring, while a day together with Board and Councils is planned for Saturday 12 November.

The next Board meeting will be on 6 October. Do not miss the inauguration of the renovated church square on Sunday 2 October!