Report from the Board 18 February 2016

Board members present: Marco Helles (Chair), Karin Petterson, Stephen James, Johan Sahlén, Göran Johansson, Kristina Gustafsson, Lina Mattebo, Malin Emmoth, Patrick Amofah, Peter Dobers and Vida Attah.
Ex officio members: Ulla Marie Gunner, Anette Engkvist, Cathrin Sjöström, Claes Göran Ydrefors and Steve Armfield.

Visit by the Councils

The Board had invited the chairpersons of the three Councils, together with the lead pastors from the different language groups, to the Board meeting (Pastor Cho was abroad at the time). During the first part of the meeting, the chairs and the pastors shared their thoughts, concerns and hopes for the congregation, both at present and for the future. The Board will bring these important contributions to the upcoming strategy meeting. The chairs of the Councils will be invited to the Board at least once a year in the future.

Nominating committee is being formed

Dan Svanell has agreed to chair and build up the nominating committee that will work strategically to find suitable candidates for the Board of Probitas (the election of which is the responsibility of the Board of Immanuel Church). Without being formally responsible, the nominating committee will also give suggestions to the Boards of the subsidiary companies.

Budget follow-up and financial statement for 2015

At the meeting, head of administration Anette Engkvist went through the financial statement of the church, which shows a surplus of 3.1 million compared with the projected results. This is mainly due to a large legacy given to the church and a higher return than expected on the securities portfolio. The results of gifts and offerings are still a problem as they are 380,000 lower than budget and also 150,000 lower than what the church collected to its own ministry in 2014. Senior Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner and the other pastors have developed a plan for collections for special purposes in 2016 in order to give more people the opportunity to contribute and reverse this trend.

Approval of the final proposal for a new constitution

The Board approved the proposal for a new constitution which was accepted by the congregational meeting on 31 January, following some minor amendments. After the congregational meeting, members were able to submit their proposals for amendments and the Board accepted some of these. The first decision on a new constitution will be taken at the congregational meeting on 13 March (the decision must be taken by at least 2/3 majority vote). The proposal for a new constitution will be submitted to the congregation for the last time at the Annual meeting.

Report on the renovation of the church square

The preparation work is in progress. The renovation itself will start on 2 May and continue in May, June, July, August and probably well into September.

Upcoming congregational meetings

During the spring, congregational meetings are planned on 13 March and 29 May. The Annual meeting will be on 17 April.

The next Board meeting will be on 25 February, when the Board will meet for a strategy meeting. The next regular meeting will be on 17 March.

With the hope of spring!