Report from the Board 15 December 2016

Board members present: Marco Helles, Stephen James, Margoth Sonnebo, Hans-Olof Hagén, Vida Afua Attah and Patrick Amofah. Rachel Norborg Jerkeby, Gunilla Hjelmåker, Lina Mattebo and Malin Emmoth participated in the decisions per capsulam, i.e. in this case, by e-mail.
Ex officio: Cathrin Sjöström, Ulla Marie Gunner and Anette Engkvist.

Final report on the sound installation at the ground floor

Claes Hollander reported that new sound systems have been installed in the main sanctuary, Waldenströmsalen, the café area and the chapel. The specifications are based on an assessment of the needs and preferences of those who work in each of the spaces. The resulting system is advanced, more similar to that of a theatre than of a “regular” church, and is expected to last for more than 10 years. A few acoustic problems in the chapel and Waldenströmsalen remain to be dealt with. The Board expressed their gratitude to Claes Hollander and Håkan Sjögren.

Local salary negotiations

This year’s local salary negotiations were completed last week. The new salaries will be backdated to 1 October.

Personnel committee

Pastor Chris Peterson has surveyed the scope of the ministries of the International fellowship. The recruitment of a new youth pastor will now begin.

Financial report

Income from gifts and offerings is approaching the budget figure. Financial revenues are slightly over budget.

Communication policy adopted

The Communication committee has drafted a communication policy for the church. The proposal was discussed during the autumn and the Board decided to adopt the policy.

The budget for 2017 was approved

Head of Administration Anette Engkvist presented the budget proposal for 2017, which the Board approved.

The process of developing an operational plan is progressing

Preparations for the operational plan to be developed at the beginning of next year are proceeding according to the timescale decided at the November meeting:
• There will be a congregational meeting on 22 January when everyone can participate in and influence the work that the Board and the Councils will by then have begun. Board and staff members will man small tables/stations (“World Café-style”) for each of the church’s priority areas and visions, and collect in proposals.
• The work will then continue in larger and smaller groups to gather feedback and ideas.
• The Board and Councils will summarise the material and present a first draft of the operational plan at the Congregational meeting on 19 March.
• A decision will be taken at the Annual meeting on 23 April.

Forthcoming congregational meetings and Board meetings

There will be a Board weekend 20–21 January. Other Board meetings will take place on 16 February, 16 March and there will be an extra meeting on 23 March (i.e. after the congregational meeting on 19 March).

Congregational meetings will take place on 22 January, 19 March.The Annual meeting will be on 23 April with Annual meetings of the Companies on 18 April and the church’s information meeting on 19 April.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Board!