Minutes from the Congregational meeting in Immanuel church 31 January 2016

Encl mentioned in the minutes are not at the website.

Present: 96 members

Marco Helles, chairman of the Board, shared some thoughts on what the church is there for and the church’s relation to what is happening in society today. He asked the question: How can the church become a safe place? He felt that the diaconal ministry needs to be strengthened so that the church can be a voice for those who lack a voice today. He then prayed for the meeting.

§1 Agenda

The chairman declared the meeting open and the agenda was approved.

Ingegerd Berg was elected secretary of the meeting.

Two questions were registered under Any Other Business.

§2 Election of verifiers

Birgitta Lorentzi and Sven Britton were elected to verify the minutes.

§3 Revision of the constitution of the church

The Board’s proposal of a new constitution was presented, see encl 1 (pp 12,13,14)

Until 14 February members can submit their proposals of amendment.

On 18 February the Board will take their final decision.

On 13 March the congregational meeting will take the first decision on a new constitution. The decision must be taken with 2/3 majority vote.

At the Annual meeting on 17 April the second and final decision on a new constitution will be taken. Also this decision needs to be taken with 2/3 majority vote.

If the constitution will not be approved then, the work will recommence from square one.

§4 Election of delegates

To the Annual Meeting of the Free Church Council of Stockholm (Frikyrkoråd) on 17 March:

Pastor Anna Berndes

To the Annual Meeting of Hela Människan i Stockholms län on 6 April:

Agneta Dalemark and Inga Johansson. Substitutes: Deacon Agneta Selander and Ingemar Bergman.

To the Annual Meeting of Bilda Öst on 9 April:

Anders Andersson, Ove Andersson, Birgitta Lorentzi, one vacancy.

To the Annual Meeting of the Social Mission (Sociala Missionen) on 28 April:

Camilla Mattebo, Lars-Ingmar Jerkeby, Monica Ahlberg, Anna-Carin Persson Stenbeck, one vacancy.

To the Equmenia Church conference, 5–7 May:

Johnny Jonsson, convenor, Claes Jonsson, Ivani Ahlberg, Johan Ahlberg, Marco Helles, Peter Dobers, Kerstin Mjönes, Kjell Walfridsson, Tobias Olsson, Göran Kollberg. Substitutes: Pastor Ulla Marie Gunner, Pastor Cho and Kim Mi-hye.

To the Equmenia church Region Stockholms förtroenderåd on 10 October:

Anna-Karin Persson Stenbeck

§5 Budget 2016 and future ministry plans

Anette Engkvist informed about a new budget process. The aim is for the congregation to be more involved in the budget work. The goal and aim will be clarified and the various ministry councils will get sufficient information on both ministry and finances.

In 2016 the church will receive dividends of 20 million kronor from Probitas. In spite of this there is a deficit of – 675,000 kronor in the church’s budget for 2016.

Anette stressed the fact that we need to look at our costs for year 2017 and beyond as Probitas, due to changes in the tax rules, will not be able to deliver as large a revenue to the ministry as before. Therefore the congregation needs to increase their offerings with 50 kr per member per week, according to Anette.

The chairman reported on the process for future ministry plans as from the Annual meeting 2017. The Board will in detail describe the process for ministry plans and priorities at the latest in the autumn of 2016 in order to involve the congregation before a decision on ministry plans will be taken at the Annual meeting 2017.

§6 Renovation of church square and kitchen

It was reported that the costs for the renovation (4–5 million kronor excl moms) will be paid by Probitas and the furnishing (1–2 million kronor excl moms) by the church.

Decision. It was decided that the renovation of church square and kitchen will be

carried out according to the decision taken in September 2015.

Sture Kullgren expressed his reservation to the decision.

Ulla Marie Gunner informed that the new steering committee for the renovation consists of:

Marco Helles, Karin Pettersson, Malin Emmoth from the Board.

Other members are: Sophia Hober, Klara Junvik, Kerstin Mjönes, Boel Algulin, Johan Edberg, Claes-Göran Ydrefors, Daniel Nilsson and Sven-Erik Rönnedal and from Probitas Håkan Andersson.

§7 The mural in the cafe

The Board answered two written questions from Ingemar Bergman concerning the contact with the City museum and §7 in the minutes from the congregational meeting of 26 January 2014.

Two written proposals had been submitted by members who also introduced their proposals orally. One proposal by Arne Berg, Jonny Jonsson and Lars-Ingmar Jerkeby was to document the mural before it is taken down and to produce a publication (see encl. 2). The second proposal by Stefan Nilszén was to cover certain parts of the mural with bookshelves in order to obtain a “win-win-situation” (see encl. 3). The Board supported the proposal about a publication but found that it would not be feasible to cover parts of the mural.

The decisions were preceded by a discussion about the Board’s decision of January 2015 to take down the mural at the time of the renovation of the church square. About 15 persons and the chairman participated in the discussion where the majority supported the Board, but there was also a noticeable resistance to taking down the mural.

There was a proposal by Stefan Nilszén to postpone the answers to the written questions until the congregational meeting on 13 March 2016, to set up a group that will work with these questions and to ask the Board to answer the two questions at that time.

Rachel Norborg Jerkeby proposed the meeting to take decisions on the two proposals today.

The proposal order was determined: First a decision on when the question shall be decided. Secondly, depending on this decision, decisions on the two proposals separately.

It was decided, according to the proposal by Rachel Norborg Jerkeby, not to postpone the questions to the next congregational meeting but to take decisions on the two proposals today. Stefan Nilszén’s proposal was rejected.

It was decided to reject the proposal by Stefan Nilszén to cover parts of the mural as a “win-win-solution”.

It was decided that the mural shall be documented before it is taken down and stored and to ask the Board to make sure that a publication will be produced, according to the proposal by Arne Berg, Jonny Jonsson and Lars-Ingmar Jerkeby. The proposal by Kristina Lundgren to make video interviews with the missionaries of Immanuel church is included in this decision. The decision was taken by a large majority after a vote by show of hands had been requested.

Ingemar Bergman expressed his reservation to the decision.

§8 Any Other Business

Georg Mengo’s proposal to discuss the question of extended fellowship between the worship groups was postponed due to lack of time.

Ove Andersson asked how the forthcoming trip to Africa for three persons will be financed and requested that no funds from the Christmas market be used for this. Ulla Marie Gunner assured that it will not be financed with funds from the Christmas market.

§9 Conclusion

The chairman declared the meeting closed and pastor Ulla Marie Gunner ended the meeting with prayer.

Secretary: Ingegerd Berg

Minutes approved by

Marco Helles

Birgitta Lorentzi (with exception of paragraph 7. See special opinion enclosed*)

Sven Britton

* Special opinion to the minutes taken at the Congregational meeting in Immanuel church in Stockholm 2016-01-31

As verifier I approve of all the paragraphs in the above mentioned minutes except for paragraph 7, “The mural in the café” with the following explanations:

1. The formula in the notice of invitation and agenda for paragraph 7 was “member questions regarding the mission mural”. Thus it was not clear that several decisions were to be taken. Compare with other points in the notice where it says “election of delegates…”, “confirmation of decision on…”. This might be considered as formalities, but in a large congregation and with a sensitive question good order is important. For instance, it is important that the chairman and secretary are seated with their faces towards the congregation so that they can see who would like to take the floor. I had to wave my hand for a long time before I was noticed by the chairman. I also think that the recommendations should be recorded in the minutes.

2. Stefan Nilszén’s written proposal to the congregational meeting was misunderstood by the leadership of the meeting. His proposal was to appoint a group in order to reach a win-win-solution by the next congregational meeting. Now his suggestion to partly cover the mural with bookshelves was made into a proposal, which then was rejected. With my comment I expressed my support to Stefan’s original proposal for a group to work on this question.

My suggestion for a solution to the problem with paragraph 7 is to address the issue at the next congregational meeting and to state in the invitation “confirmation of decision about the mission mural 2016-01-31” and that Stefan Nilszén’s proposal to appoint a group for a win-win-solution will get a fair chance to be considered.

Stockholm 2016-02-11

Birgitta Lorentzi