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This text was published first on 25 January, 2015. It can therefore contain information or views that is inaccurate. It is online for archival purposes.

Report from the congregational meeting 25 January 2015

In the presence of about 80 members

§ 1 Introduction

Dan Svanell, Chairman of the Board, welcomed everyone and declared the meeting open.

§ 2 Election of verifiers

Arne Berg and Anita Isaksson were elected to verify the minutes.

§ 3 Approval of the agenda

The proposed agenda was approved:

• Report from the Nominating Committee

• Election of delegates

• New Chairman of the Board

• Any other business

• Conclusion

§ 4 Report from the Nominating committee

Stefan Nilszén, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, explained the mandate of the committee, which is, in time for the Annual Meeting, to prepare the election of volunteers, Board members and auditors, and those chosen for various ministries and assignments according to present needs. Every congregational member can suggest candidates for the Board and other assignments. Suggestions should be given to the Nominating Committee at least six weeks before the meeting at which the elections will take place.

§ 5 Election of delegates

Stefan Nilszén presented the Nominating committee’s proposals for delegates. The meeting accepted the proposals and elected the following delegates:

a) Church conference

To the Equmenia Church conference in Gothenburg, 14-16 May 2015, and the Annual Meeting of the Swedish Covenant Church:

Ivani Ahlberg

Johan Ahlberg

Anna Berndes

Johanna Borg

Peter Dobers

Claes Jonsson

Johnny Jonsson

Göran Kollberg

Stefan Nilszén, convener


Ulla Marie Gunner

Karl Högberg

The Nominating committee will propose a further delegate to the Church conference in due course.

b) The Social Mission

To the Annual Meeting of the Social Mission (Sociala Missionen) in Immanuel Church on 23 April 2015, and its autumn meeting:

Monica Ahlberg

Eva Hagén

Lars-Ingmar Jerkeby

Rune Larsson

Anna Leryd

c) Hela Människan

To the Annual Meeting of Hela Människan i Stockholms län, in Johannes Church on 15 April 2015:

Rune Larsson

Agneta Selander


Inga Johansson

d) Free Church Council of Stockholm

To the Annual Meeting of the Free Church Council of Stockholm (Frikyrkoråd):

Anna Berndes

§ 6 New Chairman of the Board

On 8 December 2014 Dan Svanell informed the Chairman of the Nominating Committee that he will conclude his term of office at the Annual meeting in April 2015. The Board was informed of his decision on 11 December, the Nominating Committee on 16 December, and on 2 January the information was posted on the church’s website.

The Nominating Committee has regrettably accepted Dan Svanell’s decision. The search for a new chairman has begun and Stefan Nilszén presented some of the criteria:

• Communicative clarity

• Readiness to listen

• Integrity (respect)

• Centrally placed within the congregation

• Fearlessness

• A problem solver

• Experienced in leading organisational development

• Suitable life situation

• Familiar with business companies

There are probably other criteria as well and we are aware of the fact that nobody can fulfil them all.

The following thoughts were expressed when the subject was opened to the floor:

• There is a risk that the criteria mentioned will limit the possibility of finding suitable people;

• Few members of the International Fellowship knew about today’s congregational meeting: better and clearer information was therefore called for;

• Information should be given to everyone in the same way;

• We need a chairman who is known to all language groups.

The Nominating committee will now enter a”listening phase” which will be defined by openness, during which individuals and groups will be encouraged to contact members of the committee with ideas and possible names. In order to be able more easily to reach the Committee, a list with names and telephone numbers will be posted in a visible place in the church. The Committee will meet on 29 January and 19 February. All the material should be ready for printing on 12 March.

§ 7 Any other business

There were no other questions

§ 8 Next Congregational meeting

The next Congregational meeting will take place on 15 March at 13.00.

§ 9 Conclusion

The chairman thanked those present for their interest and declared the meeting closed.

Secretary: Ingrid Jonsson

Minutes approved by: Dan Svanell, Arne Berg & Anita Isaksson