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This text was published first on 21 May, 2015. It can therefore contain information or views that is inaccurate. It is online for archival purposes.

Report from the Board 21 May 2015

Members present: Marco Helles, Karin Petterson, Stephen James, Vida Afua Attah, Patrick Amofah, Peter Dobers, Kristina Gustavsson, Göran Johansson, Johan Sahlén, Sungha Wendin.

Meeting of the new Board

This was the first regular Board meeting after the Annual meeting with Marco Helles as chairman. The new members were welcomed and introduced themselves. The Board chose Stephen James and Karin Petterson as vice chairmen. Each Board member was assigned a place on one of the committees as follows:

Personnel committee
Kristina Gustafsson
Sungha Wendin

Finance committee
Göran Johansson, chairman
Johan Sahlén
Patrick Amofah
Peter Dobers

Ministry and organization committee (former “Special committee”)
Marco Helles, chairman
Vidah Attah
Malin Emmoth
Tove Janarv

Lina Mattebo

Matters at stake

Senior pastor Ulla Marie Gunner reported several things both inside and outside the church which impact our ministry. Kammarkollegium requests the need to master the Swedish language well in order to officially preside at a marriage. Pastors can do this by supporting the juridical part of a marriage.

The planning of our new church square is underway, further details will be presented at the next congregational meeting in May. Refurbishment is presently planned for spring/summer 2016.

Administrator Anette Engkvist reported that Probitas will work on the ventilation and the new lighting equipment of the main sanctuary this summer. Final inspection of the new sound equipment is carried out in June.

How do we increase gifts and offerings?

Finances are somewhat behind budget, especially with regard to gifts and offerings. The Board discussed how this could be changed and the Senior pastor was asked to discuss the theological basis for our giving with the leadership group. An upcoming concern is that too few members have moved their church fee to the Equmenia church; they still pay in to the Swedish Covenant church. Sooner or later the Tax authorities will not accept these payments any longer, since the Swedish Covenant church is no longer an active organization. Unless members change this the church will lose hundreds of thousands of kronor.

Recruitment of two pastors

The effort to find a new pastor for the International fellowship is in progress. A questionnaire will be sent out to the members of Immanuel International . Recruitment of a new youth pastor for the International fellowship is also underway, we hope this process will not take too long.

Follow up on the Annual meeting and Congregational meeting

The Board took up questions raised at the Annual meeting and the latest Congregational meeting. The revision of the Statutes and Constitution will begin and importance is given for feedback from the congregation. Non Board members will sometimes be invited to share their opinions. An analysis of the music ministry is planned. The organization of the new church structure will also be worked through in detail.

The Board is looking forward to a meeting with the pastors of the church at the beginning of June and wishes all an excellent beginning of summer.