Report from the Board 19 February 2015

There were no items for decision on this meeting’s agenda, but several interesting items for information.

Visit to the Covenant Church

Senior pastor Ulla Marie Gunner reported on her trip to the USA and the visit to the winter conference of the Covenant Church, where she met, amongst others, representatives of the denomination in order to discuss the post of pastor for the International fellowship.

More information on the church fee is needed

Anette Engkvist, administrative leader, reported on the development of the church fee over the years. Many members give to the church through this fee, which is good. However, there is a concern that members give to the Swedish Covenant Church for historical reasons, and not to the Equmenia church. Since there must be an active choice by each person in order to change beneficiary, the Board finds it important to increase the information about this so that members can change their giving in favour of the Equmenia church.

Positive round of consultations regarding the structure of the church

The Board has recently been working on clarifying the structure of the organization of the church and has presented a proposal to the congregation. The proposal has now been under consideration by the language groups. In general the response from all the groups has been very positive towards the proposed structure.