Report from the Board 17 September 2015

Members present: Marco Helles, Karin Pettersson, Stephen James, Vida Afua Attah, Patrick Amofah, Malin Emmoth, Kristina Gustavsson, Tove Janarv, Göran Johansson, Lina Mattebo and Johan Sahlén.

Work with the new church square continues

Sophia Hober, who has been the chairperson of the Church Square Group, visited the board meeting, and presented the finalized basic proposal for the new Church Square. The Board endorses the proposal. A policy decision will be taken at the next congregational meeting on October 4th. A rough budget will also be presented at the meeting.

Staff changes

There have been several changes in staff during the summer: Camilla Mattebo works 50 percent as a deacon, Amanda Detchman 100 percent as interim Intern Youth Pastor, Karin Enberg 50 percent as HR manager, Daniel Nilsson 75 percent as “husmor” – mistress, Anders Eriksson 50 percent as economic assistant and Jacob Molander 50 percent as pastor, when Charlotte Höglund is on a leave correspondingly at 50 percent, Martin Åsander is on leave at 60 percent and is replaced among colleagues and with the deputy teenage choir leaders Erik Hammarberg and Paulina Fröling. Anita Tatlow received ordinary employment as a musician at 40 percent and Ben Tatlow at 35 percent.

Additionally, the Board decided, in accordance with a proposal from the Uniting Church in Sweden, to host a half time student pastor ministry in Stockholm. The board argues that this ministry fits in well with our priorities, especially towards children and young people (as many students are young) and with our diaconal ministry where student pastors have a clear role in dialogue and counseling. Immanuel Church will be the employer of this student pastor. This ministry is currently funded through a grant from Uniting Church in Sweden. Anna Berndes will be the student pastor, and the 50 percent she leaves in Immanuel church will be replaced among colleagues during the period.

Several major investigations and work is underway

The Board is starting up the assignment from the congregational meeting of May 3rd, 2015, concerning the Constitution, to continue to develop our organizational structure and to make an assessment concerning the music ministry.

• Revision of the Constitution
The board appointed a working group to revise the Immanuel Church’s constitution and adapt it to the Uniting Church in Sweden. It includes revision of the statutes and church order. Stefan Nilszén was appointed to lead the work.

• Organization and Structure
Operational and organizational committee works ahead, as mandated by the annual and congregational meetings, with structural issues and intends to present its proposal to the congregation in December.

• Music Assessment
Following the directive from the congregational meeting a music assessment will be conducted in 2015 and 2016. A group of employees and volunteers from all worship groups will be appointed. Kristina Gustavsson will lead the assessment.

• Operational plan
In addition, an operational plan will be developed that will be used in connection with the budget work and a proposal will be presented how the whole congregation can be involved in the future budgetary processes.

Board Weekend and congregational meeting

The Board meets the weekend of September 25-26, in Stockholm, where the Board, among other things, will meet the staff.

Sunday October 4th, 2015 the congregational meeting will be held at 1.30 pm, with these issues:
a) Convening of deacon Camilla Mattebo
b) Information about the Student Pastor ministry
c) Election of the Election Committee after the proposal from the Nomination Committee
d) A strategic decision concerning the church square.

Warm welcome!

Autumn greetings from the board!