Report from the Board 10 December 2015

Board members present: Marco Helles (chairman), Karin Petterson, Johan Sahlén, Patrick Amofah, Göran Johansson, Stephen James, Kristina Gustafsson, Malin Emmoth and Vida Attah.

Report from the senior pastor Ulla Marie Gunner

• At present work is in progress to clarify the plan for the ministry of the church and how the organisation should work in order to achieve the goals that have been set out.
• Pastors and priests who work in Norrmalm have met in order to get to know each other and thus improve the conditions for ecumenical work.
• It is exciting to note that as many as 65 people have become members of Immanuel Church this year!

Report from the head of administration, Anette Engkvist

• By adjusting the pledges of the securities portfolio, the flexibility of the church’s investments has increased. This is important if we are to reach the necessary level of financial return.
• The profit from the Advent market was about 200 000 SEK, which will be used for the church’s mission and international aid projects.
• The financial prognosis shows a surplus of about 4 million SEK in the 2015 budget, mainly due to capital gains in the securities portfolio and a legacy.

Report from the chairman of the personnel committee, Stephen James

• The process of recruiting a new pastor for the International fellowship is in progress. In-depth interviews will be held before Christmas.
• The strong growth over recent years in the work among young people creates an increased demand for leaders to take care of all the children and young people in the best way, not least within the Swedish fellowship. The Board is keeping a careful watch on this, since it is strategically important and part of the central goals that have been set out.

Budget for 2016

The Board agreed the budget for 2016 which shows a deficit of (-)675 000 SEK.

The mural in the cafe

The Board’s decision to remove the mural in the cafe is unchanged. The office staff have been asked to find a place in the church where it can be stored.

New constitution

The proposal for a new constitution was discussed. The members of the congregation were invited to an information evening on 16 December.

The next Board meeting will be on 28 January 2016.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Board!